Friday, 24 July 2009

Hmmm losing streak but . . . .

I'm going on holiday so thank fook for that at least.
Have lost over $100 playing DYM S&G's since going up a level. Don't get me wrong the standard is no different I've just been playing like a twat who is constantly on tilt so a fortnights break with alot a sun and swimming is just what I need and when I get back I'll try and recover the losses.
Quick post as its not overly positive and will hopefully rectify that in a few weeks.

Good luck . .

Joke -
An Irishmen cleaning his rifle accidentally shot his Wife and dialled 999.
Paddy "Its my Wife. I've accidentally shot her. I think I've killed her!"
Operator "Please calm down Sir. Can you first make sure that she's really dead?"
Paddy "Okay done. Now what!!?"

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Treading water personally . . . .

But we're down to the last 27 in the WSOP meaning that the minimum the people going back for day 8 will recieve will be $352k but more importantly the day will play down to final 9.
From a Brit point of view we have 1 left in James Akenhead ( so will be railing him from afar via live updates to see if he can make it to the November 9.
A decent shout also need to go out to fellow blogger Chuck Clark (A Year in the Life) who came a more than very respectable 115th for $40k and who I lived the dream through until he bust out on Day 6. Well done Sir.

On a personal level I have played 50 of the $10 turbo DYM and have won just 6 more than I have lost and only the rake has kept me level but am going to plough on regardless.
I have found that playing when you are calm and collected seems to put you in a better mindset than when you are pissed and just had a ruck with the Mrs!!! So with this in mind I am going to avoid the Mrs to safeguard my poker. (That might not be the right way round)

Enough for now.
Good luck to James Akenhead in his quest for the November 9.

Joke -

Builder on the 3rd floor forgot to bring his saw up with him. He shouts down to his mate but he can't hear him so he does sign language. He points to his eye (I), his knee (need) and moves hand back and forth in a saw motion.
His mate nods, pulls down his pants and starts wanking furiously.
The builder runs down the ladders as quick as he can and shouts "What the fuck are you doing?? I said I need my saw!!"
"I know" said his mate. "I was just letting you know I was coming!!"

Chin up..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Time to move up a level......

fuktheriva (iPoker)

Okay so it's nothing major but I have stuck to the bankroll management principles and have got to the stage where I can play $10 STT's. Took time to get there in all honesty and rakeback helped push it there at times. However as my Sharkscope graph shows I am gradually making a profit. Am hoping that the profits come a bit quicker at the new level but have noticed that these tables can be slower to fill on Hills or at least were last night.
Other than that not alot to blog about really but have just over 2 weeks to my next holiday so am looking forward to that and would like to be holding my own at the new level without having to drop back down. Not massive stakes obviously but I would like to get there eventually if I can.

Good luck and have fun.
Joke -
Police in London are in trouble again. They have shot a busload of Thalidomide Muslims who were suspected of bringing small arms into the country.