Monday, 29 June 2009

End of month - Small profit

Small profit of £70 for June with a couple of days to go but will +/- anything to July.
Thanks to all those who commented on my previous post. No decision will be taken lightly and there is along way to go on both sides to make amends.

On the poker front things are going on the back burner as that is one of the issues (Too much time playing and not enough time communicating and I can'y really have too many arguments with that).

Will be limiting myself to WillHill SuperSeries and a couple of STT's on other nights to cut down a little.

Cracking weather atm so need to be taking full advantage of that and would like to lie in the garden but need to work on it first as sun, rain, sun, rain is feckin brilliant conditions for growing weeds obviously and imo it is either too wet to mow the lawn etc or too sunny to spend time doing it. Oh well better get my arse into gear before I find a Attenborough in there.

Hope all is well with you all . . .

Joke of sorts -

A story with a moral . . .
Blokes girlfriend calls him round to her house one day and he finds her Sister alone in the house. She was unbelievably sexy and wearing nothing but a negligee.
She whispered in his ear "I have feelings for you, please make love to me just once."
He turned to the door and ran out to his car.
He was amazed to see his girlfriend sitting on his bonnet and she ran towards him and flung her arms around him and said "I love you so much and will always trust you after today!!"
Moral - It is always best to keep your condoms in your car and not in your pocket!!.

Good luck

Saturday, 27 June 2009


OK I am throwing this question out because –

a) None of you know me personally and therefore have no preconceived ideas
b) None of my mates know I do a blog and are not that interested in poker anyways.
c) I hope to get an honest perspective
d) If anyone is just giving shit advice I would hope to have the nous to recognise it ( but you never know)
e) I’ve had a tot and it seems like a good idea

So the question is (and it is probably longwinded due to ale))

Would you finish a relationship even though it meant a slightly worse standard of living for your Wife and 10 year old ( particularly upsetting for the 10 year old due to the upheaval and upset in his life, he is absolutely paramount) and yourself if you were not happy?
I’m not on about just slightly aggrieved, more getting slowly ground down, more on a personal level rather than through your Wife’s fault or absolutely anything to do with your Son.
Selfish as it sounds I am a firm believer in “You only live once” and being 40+ years of age etc etc etc.
My lad is paramount in my thoughts but I know we will see each other ¾ times a week and he will be doted on and be given a level upbringing.
The thing is and this is a bit fooked up but I like my house and we have an apartment in Turkey so we would have to split the equity which would leave us with a few quid but am thinking of sacrificing all this for a “potential” happier existence.

TBH I have already left a couple of times only to miss my home comforts and Cameron and I know it is hurting Maggie as she loves me and it is killing her confidence for which I am not proud as she had it in abundance.

My lad knows there is something up and surely he deserves a contented upbringing even if there is grief in the (hopefully) short term or is it the case that you stay together for the sake of the kids.

By the way I’m on my second marriage and have 2 kids by the first and we get on like mates more than father/son but that can have its benefits as they tend to listen more than my mates kids do.

This sounds worse as I write it tbh but will put it out there anyways but may delete it tomorrow…

No joke with this post so apologies if you keep
up with the blog for that alone.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Who needs mates like Uri Geller .......

Michael Jackson is no more -

This post isn't particularly about that even though he was fantastic in his day and a genius with his music and choreography.

No, this post is about Uri Geller, a fella who professes to have been best mates with Jacko, but who gave the most disrespectful interview that I saw last night while at work.

First of all he says he's speechless but then goes on and on inanely about how Michael didn't have a childhood etc and felt that this had affected him badly. Secondly he says that Michael had had far more operations than is widely known and then and this is the worst of the worst he says Now I probably shouldn't say this but Michael had the operations so that he would not look like his Dad or words to that effect.

FFS the fella had been dead for a couple of hours and you expect glowing references music wise not vicious gossip that affects the whole clan. He only needed to mention the court cases and he would have filled his boat.

So fair play to MJ, who was after all never found guilty by a court of law, just the media but if you have any mates like the fuckwit Geller give them a smack as you may pop your clogs before them so might as well get in first.

Joke -

Man in a bar orders 10 double whiskies which he downs in one.
Barman says "What up mate?"
Bloke says " I just found out my youngest Son is gay!"
The following day he is back in the bar and orders 15 double whiskies which he downs in one.
Barman says "Whats happened now?"
Bloke says "I just found out my oldest Son is gay!"
The next day he's back and orders 20 doubles
The barman says "Fuck me does no-one in your house like pussy?"
Fella says "The Wife does apparently!!!!"

Good luck

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New stat on Sharkscope....

A new stat has appeared on Sharkscope, Ability/ 100.
I apparently have an ability of 62/100 so am probably just above average which is fair enough and can now work to improve my graph, ROI, total profit and ability which should all tie in together anyways.
Am hoping to be able to move up to the next level, $10, for STT's in the next week as I need just £60 to be able to do this. Bankroll management is a pain in the arse but I am enjoying the challenge of it and when my roll gets to circa £1500 will start to withdraw £500 when I get to £2000 to pay some bills off. This is probably some way off but it's a nice thought and something to aim for.

At the moment the WillHill Super Series is very good value as it is half price and the prizepool is roughly double the buyins and you get approx 3 x your stake for just making the money so with a small layout there can be decent prospects. They run Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the bigger buyins (if you can call them that) on the Sunday and Monday. The Sunday tourney kicks off at 18:00GMT and the others at 19:30GMT. Not advertising for them but just saying there is value to be had.

Thats it for now

Joke -

A man suspected his Wife of straying, so he hired Chinese detective, Chen Lee, to report any activity while he was away. Days later he recieved this report ..........
Most honourable Sir, You leave house, I watch. He and she leave house, I follow. He and she go in hotel, I climb tree, I look in window.
He kiss she, she kiss he. He strip she, she strip he. He play with she, she play with he. I play with me, I fall off tree, I no see. No fee. Chen Lee.

Good luck all

Friday, 12 June 2009

Only been back 5 days.....

But I feel like I haven't had a holiday at all.
The holiday was a good laugh with lots of rest (re-read a couple of poker books), beer and sun.

It was nice to have a rest from poker and re-evaluate how much time I spend with the family.
All in all with my change of working hours fast approaching I will have more time to spend playing poker but intend to keep to the hours I currently play and use the rest of the time to teach my lad footie and cricket and whatever else he wants to know. He has only just got into football at the age of 10 and is a bit behind his mates who have been playing for a few years so I want to help him with his control etc as he tends to just hoof the ball at the moment so is currently eligible for the Birmingham defence.

My current aims regarding poker are just to make profit so that I can move up the STT levels, however long it takes, as I am finding the game as a whole harder to beat and the MTT's take too long to complete on i-poker so can't forsee any decent size 1 off wins like the 3/4 I had last year.

Good luck all and to the Brits at the WSOP.


Rev John Flapps sees a lady church member getting drunk in the pub. He tries to take her back to her home but they fall and he lands on top of her.
The landlord says "Hey mate you can't do that in here!!"
The Rev replies "You don't understand. I'm Pastor Flapps".
The Landlord says "Oh well. If you're that far in you might as well finish."