Friday, 31 October 2008

Another month gone.....

With just tonight to go the month of October is finished.

Taking tonights buy-ins into account the monthly total is a profit of £1417.

Taking into account that this is mainly taken up with the £1159 ($2k) provided by WillHill for the flights to the CPC and the £200 that I sold the cruise element for it would have been a pretty bare month without them.

However I am more than happy with my lot and having taken the majority of it out to pay for the alternate holiday my bankroll now stands at almost £1100.

I am going to post a profit of £1350 and carry the £67 over to November as a starting point.

One change I am going to make is to set up a separate sports betting account as this is affecting my bankroll as my luck is shyt on the football at present and I want to start keeping precise records as I do with the Poker to see whether it is worth bothering with anything other than "interest" bets.

Having had a good look at my play over the month I need to make a marked improvement on consistency and stick to the starting hands I have in my mind for the various stages of tournaments and not get sidetracked by mirroring other players poor play.

In addition I am going to spend the next couple of months sticking to the buy-ins I am used to and research other sites with decent buy-in (guaranteed pay out) tournaments that finish at a reasonable hour.

There are good £30 and £50 buy-ins on Hills but having seen the finishing times of approx 02:00 these are not exactly brilliant when you need to be at work for 05:00.

I have also decided that I am going to play all of the Super Series (Shifts permitting).

Overall I am happy being a profitable player but I really want to improve the success rate and will be re-reading a couple of books when I am on holiday to recap on the learning points to try and improve my play.

I am also going to play the bloggerment tourneys as they look good value. HairyGymnast.Com organises them so have a look if you are interested.

Anyways I will leave it there for now as I have some research to do.

And a joke :-

When did Pinnochio first realise he was made of wood? When he had a wank.... and his hand caught fire!!!!

Good luck all.....

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Its all sorted..

Thanks for support all. The poker cruise has now been sold to Dom who enquired about it.

Cheers to Amatay for putting it on the Blonde forum and UKgatsby for using his contacts. I could have sold it 3 times.

All in all a profitable tourney and it certainly helps with the monthly total and Dom has even given me a 2.5% stake in him which is a bonus. (Okay I was cheeky enough to ask for it and he kindly agreed).

Still going on holiday myself with the airfare money so happy days.

With a bit of luck this will be my last posting on the 2008 CPC unless Dom sorts me out with a few bob.

Roll on the 2009 one if I can plan it better.

Cheers and GL

Joke -

While packing your shopping in your car, you may be approached by 2 fit 18 year old East European girls, in tight tiny tops . They wash your windscreen with tits haanging out and ask for a lift to the next shop as payment.
On the way they strip and go down on each other. Then one of them climbs in the front and sucks you off while the other nicks yourt wallet!
I had mine stolen last Tues and Weds, twice on Thurs and again today.
Be careful!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

If you fancied the CPC you might want to read this....

And then the past came back to bite him on his ass........................

Thanks to all for the congratulations etc.
However I will not be going to the CPC Cruise after all.
Having read the visa requirements for tourists I am not eligible for the basic tourist visa due to a couple of drunk and disorderlies and other minor issues in my teens/ early 20's.
The US of A do not have spent convictions as we do over here so everything is valid forever.
To be fair I am not going to argue the fact as I have my own feeling as to our own borders being too fucking lax so would be a bit of a hypocrite to moan.

Rest assured I am going to qualify nice and early next year given the chance and make sure that I have sufficient time to sort the paperwork out and am going to use the $2000 for the flights and hotel that Will Hill donated to take Mrs Gav and my lad away for the week anyway as she was as excited about the trip as I was about going on a big boat. Looks like I will have to take her out on a pedalo wherever we end up :)

There is no way I am going to brick it all the way to Miami only to be told I am on the next flight back. It would be too stressful for me and the Mrs and that is a shyt start to a holiday anyway.

Anyways I have until tonight to give Will Hill the names of someone to replace me.
I have offered it out to someone already and have given them til 19:00 to get back to me then will be offering it to 2 others.

But on the off chance that these do not want to/ cannot go then I am open to offers.

I am after £200 to cover my buy-ins last week that gave me the chance to win the fooker and your flights for 2 will cost approx £1000 for 2 direct to Miami from Heathrow or £650 for 2 with stop-offs.

After that you need a hotel for 1 night in Miami and then it just your drinks money.

I need this sorted tonight as the registrations have to be completed by tomorrow evening latest with the cruise company so you will have to get a wriggle on.
I need to contact WillHill tonight as they will just take it off my hands if I have no takers.

Anyway you can mail me on if needed but just make sure you have no prior convictions. Tomorrow will be too late I am afraid. It will be first come first served if there are any takers.

Info is below

ABOUT "FREEDOM OF THE SEAS"One of the largest ships in the world, the sparkling Freedom of the Seas represents an evolution in cruising offering the ultimate in dining and entertainment options. Guestrooms feature tasteful design and amenities including flat-panel TV with a range of channels and interactive programming, Wi-Fi Internet access, stylish comfortable beds and linens. The choice of dining options is unparalleled including a 3-story high main dining room and a selection of restaurants to suit every cuisine and atmosphere preference. Recreational highlights include the amazing FlowRider surf simulator, a rock climbing wall, 3 pools, mini-golf, ShipShape Fitness Centre and sports court. The Freedom Day Spa offers guests a full range of treatments with the promise of luxurious pampering. Exciting entertainment is featured daily and planned with “something for everyone” in mind. Participate in the spirited deck games during the day, sip bubbly in the Champagne Bar in the evenings and take in Broadway calibre productions offered nightly in the show lounges. The glittering Casino Royale is in full swing whenever the ship is not in port and challenges players with all the major games of chance. After hours, dance the night away at Boleros or enjoy a nightcap at the Viking Crown Lounge.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Historic and dramatic island pulses with the modern day excitement of salsa and casinos.
St. Thomas – One of the favourite playgrounds of yachtsmen, renowned for the enchanting harbour, scenic panoramas and duty free shopping.
St. Maarten – Half Dutch, Half French...and totally enchanting. On this lovely island you will have an opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Your cruise experience on Freedom of the Seas will be extraordinary! For further information, please visit the ship website at

As I have mentioned before I am not feeling too down as I am going to take Mrs Gav and my lad on holiday at the same time as the cruise with the $2000 Will Hill gave to cover the flights/hotels so all is not lost and you only live once so whats the point in worrying about it.
I have to admit though I was looking forward to meeting alot of the people that I play against week in week out and learning a thing or 2 from them as much as anything else so that is a disappointment and I really hope everyone has a cracking trip.

Joke time -

A little girl finds her dog dead with its legs in the air and asks her Dad why its like that. Dad says, "It's like that so Jesus can pick it up and take it to heaven". Next day she says to her Dad, "Mum nearly died 2day cos she was on her back shoutin Oh Jesus I'm coming. If the milkman hadn't been holding her down I think we would have lost her!"

I've never been known to be so high and then so low in such a small space of time but the positive is that I will end up with a free holiday anyway and that can't be bad.

Thanks as ever for reading


Monday, 20 October 2008

Ship Ship.. I mean Boat Boat.. I mean fookin hell

Fookin hell . .He's only gone and done it. Ship ahoy. The Bluenose has won a seat on the CPC.
With all being well Mrs Gav will get the time off work and I will sweet talk the lad's Head Mistress into giving him the week off school and off we go...
My only problem now is that I have a £900 bankroll and I don't want to donate to the sharks on board.
Not quite sure what to do on that score but I know I will be mightily pissed off if I cane all my hard work but fuck that I am on the boat so will think about that tomorrow.
I might just take it as a well deserved holiday and enjoy the spoils of the game and take my laptop to get the occasional fix. Still over the moon tbh and soooo excited so will cut this short.
Joke -
A visitor to a mental institution asked the director how he decided which patients should be kept in. The director said "We fill the bath, then offer the patient a teaspoon, teacup or a bucket & ask them to empty the bathtub." The visitor said "Oh, I see , a normal person would choose the bucket because its the biggest". The director said "No, a normal person would pull the fucking plug out. Would you like a bed near the window?"
Keep smiling and good luck. I can't believe that I have achieved one of my objectives already.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

And the winner is......

I was beginning to think that writing a blog had cursed any chance I had of ever winning again lol.
However last night this changed and though it is not a massive amount it is the win that counts for me as I run on confidence and this is just what I needed.
In addition, I'm not sure whether anyone else has ever experienced this, I was beginning to think I had hit an invisible ceiling with regard to my bankroll. I just could not stay over the £900 mark. I could get to £900-£910 and would then slip back to £850-£860 and have to start again but now I am at £980 ish and with the low stakes I play I should be okay now.
Having said that I am having a crack at the £30 freezeout CPC £10k guaranteed and the £10, £3.5k guaranteed this afternoon so I will be back down to £940 odd unless I cash.
Anyways just wanted to share the relief and enjoy the moment.
As always good luck and thanks for having a look and now for the joke:-
Paddy and Mick were trying to estimate the height of a flag pole. A builder walks past and they explain their problem. He says "Thats simple fellas, watch this". He unbolts it, lies it flat, measures it... then Paddy says to Mick " Thick twat! We want to know the height not the fucking length!"

Friday, 17 October 2008

Opening New Avenues...

Not alot has happened this week.
Have added £50 to the bankroll but have not really got close to making any decent additions, rather plugging into the money in MTT's without any real opportunity to progress deep.

I have changed my mind slightly regarding the Double Your Money STT's as unless you are multi-tabling them and hitting a very good % it is a waste of time. Not sure whether my early positives were flash in the pan but it was affecting my MTT games and I think I may have been one the the fish towards the end of that experiment.

The new avenue that I refer to in the title is that I have decided to learn how to play Pot Limit Holdem (PLO). To be fair I had read a few articles, thought I had picked up the main points and then had a little go at a small ($5) MTT.
Basic mistakes were to the fore (getting excited when dealt trips before realising on a pair will count:)) which made it obvious I had not taking nearly enough notice of the articles I had read.
However I am slowly getting better and for $5 per MTT I am treating it as paying for lessons for the next couple of weeks. TBH it is a good game and I can see why people talk highly of it and if it can be a source of a bit more income later it will be worth the investment.

Reading other people's blogs always gives you food for thought and my current conundrum is at what level to increase the buy in's of the MTT's I am playing.
I already know the answer but having built the roll am not sure whether I want to risk it.
I'll get over it.

Have had a couple of cracks at winning a place on the Will Hill Caribbean Cruise this week but to no avail and will have a final stab at the £30 freeze out on Sunday.

Will be a tough time for Birmingham with 5 games in the next 16 days but with a bit of luck we will get through the other sides injury free and remain top of the league.

And the joke - They have been a bit thin on the ground lately

A man comes home and finds his new young Wife being vigorously shafted from behind by his mate so he stabs him to death. His Wife, all dishevelled and rosy cheeked, says "that was silly, carry on like that and you'll have no mates left!"

Good luck all and thanks for reading.

Friday, 10 October 2008

A licence to print money?? Learning Point No2

At last, having had a shit couple of weeks, I am starting to play with a little more thought and have started to turn it around.
It's nothing major but I am turning a small profit rather than a loss for the month and anything in the + column will do for me as it means I am getting a bit closer to my £2k roll target (£840 as it stands).

I have also found a bit of a gold mine (though it comes with a warning).
I have started playing £5 and £10 double your money STT's.
These a quite easy pickings if you are tight til there are 6/7 left and get looser to ensure your top 5. They are enough fishes out there that even when you think you might be dead in the water someone makes a ridiculous decision and hands it to you.
The warning is not to take the games too lightly.
I had got my top 5 in 8 on the bounce until tiredness and complacency cost me 2 tourneys and that can knock your profits obviously.

Nothings happening on the MTT's at the moment as I just can't seem to get a run at anything but I can only hope Will Hill is saving the luck element for a run at the Caribbean Cruise tournaments next week.

I have had a cracking idea for a Bluenose Poker site too. Sod all the concerns about whether I can see your hole cards or not, on my site I would have the facility to grey out your options boxes.

If I have fuck all your only option to use would be the fold button and when I have the nuts your only option available would be to go all in. If you get timed out you automatically choose the option available at the time.

If Carlsberg did me a poker site... lol

Thanks as always for having a look.

Joke time:-

A little boy was crying in Tesco's when a man asks him "Are you lost?" When the boy nods the man asks "What's your Mom like?" The boy answers "Big cocks and Bacardi Breezers!"

Monday, 6 October 2008

I can't remember what I did different.......

Having played poorly over the past couple of weeks it was nice to see that I made a small profit on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

This is great as I am never going to complain about a profit but it would be nice to have a clear idea as to what I changed and use it going forward.

There is just one problem with this. I was a bit pissed and I can't remember what I changed.

I know I played 4 x £10 STT and got a 1st, 2 2nds and a 3rd which turned it round (I don't play higher stakes) and in all honesty being the worse for wear I probably played a little looser but I do remember 1 hand which proved to me that I might as well shove harder with decent hands as you are always likely to find a caller.

I was dealt AA so raised to 3 or 4 times the bb and then got re-raised which was called.
I shoved all in and was called by QQ (fair enough) and K4 (??). Mine held up and I was on my way. Maybe I did learn something after all.

Must admit was lucky as playing when half cut can have a serious affect on your bankroll so will not be looking to repeat it.

Text joke time:-

A priest checks into a hotel and says to the receptionist "I hope the porn channel is disabled". She replied "No Sir, its just ordinary porn you sick bastard".

Good luck all

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

End of September review

Oh well. It’s the end of September and I have finished up £321.53 in profit which I am more than happy with as I have been playing like a spanner for the past week or more. I have still had a slightly better than normal month thanks to a 3 x £2 MTT wins. It is just a psychological thing but I always keep some profit back for the start of a new month so will be logging £300 as my profit this month and carrying forward £21.53 as a float.

Just in case I bump into anyone on Will Hill my table name is Bluenose6 rather than just Bluenose.

I have decided that having read a few other blogs I need a definite Action Plan and this might help me focus on a specific target and therefore improve my play.

My target is to get into the top 400 of tourney play on Will Hill in order to enter the monthly freeroll, to try to satellite into bigger tournies and also to build my bankroll to £2k in time.

Anyway that’s enough of my rambling for one month and I will end with another text joke:-

Little Tommy on a farm, runs inside… “Mummy! The bulls fucking the cow!”
“No Tommy you must be polite & say the bull’s surprising the cow..”
Later Tommy runs in again.. “Mummy the bull’s surprising all the cows!”
“No Tommy, the bull can’t surprise all the cows?!”
“Yes he can, he’s fucking the horse!”

GL all