Wednesday, 1 October 2008

End of September review

Oh well. It’s the end of September and I have finished up £321.53 in profit which I am more than happy with as I have been playing like a spanner for the past week or more. I have still had a slightly better than normal month thanks to a 3 x £2 MTT wins. It is just a psychological thing but I always keep some profit back for the start of a new month so will be logging £300 as my profit this month and carrying forward £21.53 as a float.

Just in case I bump into anyone on Will Hill my table name is Bluenose6 rather than just Bluenose.

I have decided that having read a few other blogs I need a definite Action Plan and this might help me focus on a specific target and therefore improve my play.

My target is to get into the top 400 of tourney play on Will Hill in order to enter the monthly freeroll, to try to satellite into bigger tournies and also to build my bankroll to £2k in time.

Anyway that’s enough of my rambling for one month and I will end with another text joke:-

Little Tommy on a farm, runs inside… “Mummy! The bulls fucking the cow!”
“No Tommy you must be polite & say the bull’s surprising the cow..”
Later Tommy runs in again.. “Mummy the bull’s surprising all the cows!”
“No Tommy, the bull can’t surprise all the cows?!”
“Yes he can, he’s fucking the horse!”

GL all



Wildcat said...

You did better than I did last month, anyway ;)

Gavin said...

Cheers Wildcat. Having a few days off it I think to try to get the hunger back. Cheers mate and gl

Ukgatsby said...

Good work
gl gl for October

Hairy Gymnast said...

I'll probably see you around on WillHill then.! Although I am mainly a cash player now, I do enter a few small MTT's as well.

One day I'll set myself a target or two - gotta keep records first though ;o(

Gavin said...

Cheers Hairy gl

Pud's poker said...

Nice month mate, I tink I lost that much last month so need to make amends this time around.