Saturday, 30 October 2010

Busy weekend ahead - SOTV

Finishing work at 7am, a few hours kip and then out on the lash/pull (anyone know any good lines?? Fucked if I know what I'm doing after 11 years out of the game and relying on my wit, charm and sense of humour after x pints of Stella might not work).
Then home to bed clutching the inevitable bottle of whatever I end up drinking last and go again from half 10 Sunday for the Villa - Blues game. SOTV for those that are wondering stands for Shit On The Villa.
TBH having lost the last 6 games to the Vile I'll settle for a point as it would stop the rot and save alot of earache from the claret and blue half of my mates and I think we have a chance. Aghbonlahor, who has scored 3 goals in 4 games against us, is out. Albrighton, who I rate, is suspended, their Captain, Petrov is injured and they've got Heskey (need I say more).
Here's hoping anyways . . . . .

On the poker front I'm plodding along and the roll is currently at $1.8k but I'm not making much progress as I seem too tight (without a drink) and too aggressive (with a drink) and need to find some MTT with between 100-200 players as opposed to the 90 manners on FT so will probably have to look for a new site to try out.

Only other news is that I'm looking at buying a flat sharpish as I hate renting as it's dead money. I need to get my name taken off the mortgage I had with the ex and she doesn't fancy playing ball at the moment so I'll have to keep trying without putting undue pressure on her. We've sorted out the finances and most of the separation agreement and I want to avoid sniping and arguing if at all possible as that has cost me in the past with regard to seeing my kids and financially when the solicitors get more out of it than you do.

Thats it for now. Hope everyone is winning and . . . . . . . SOTV.

Jokes -

"Give it here"
"No, it's mine"
"Let me have it"
"Its my turn!"
"You had it last"
"Fuck off!!"
"Come on gimme it"
"No way!"
"But it's my go!!!"

. . . . . . .Siamese twins having a wank

Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh & Simon Cowell are walking along the street when Cheryl trips, falls forward and jams her head in some railings. Simon, quick as a flash, pulls her knickers down and bangs her senseless from behind. Slapping her tight little arse he turns to Louis and says "Your turn".
Louis starts crying.
"Whats wrong?" says Simon.
Louis sobs "My head won't fit in the railings!!"

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Still plodding . . . but

I used to have quite a good win rate at poker as I was playing for fun and it didn't really make much difference financially.
Now I need the bloody $$ I'm break even which is a pain.
TBH now I'm in my flat I'm playing less as opposed to more as I have to do bloody housework (never knew what that was before).
I've realised it's not worth ironing anything as I end up with more creases than when I started and if I'm going to shave my head it's probably best to do it before I clean the bathroom and not 5 minutes after I've finished doing it.
Also working nights puts paid to 7 nights out of every 21.
I still enjoy the game but would really like to win a few $$ a month to take the pressure off with Crimbo and car tax due.
Bankroll at 1.7k as took $500 out to pay for a golf trip.
Came close last night though finishing 23/2027 in a $24 MTT on FT for $145ish when it was just under $10k ftw. Now that would have been nice :).

Hope everyone else is doing okay -

Joke - (3 for the price of one as my blogging is a little sparce at the moment)

The police came to my front door last night, holding a picture of my Wife. They said "Is this your Wife Sir?" Shocked, I answered "Yes!". They said "I'm afraid it looks like she's been in a car accident". I said "I know but she has a lovely personality!"

Teacher asks class to put the word contagious in a sentence.
Ron says "The measles are contagious".
Katie says "There is a bug going round and it's contagious"
Little Johnny says "My neighbour's painting his house with a 2 inch brush and Dad says it will take the contagious!!"

Lost my job as a lifeguard yesterday.
Apparently refusing a Muslim entry to the pool whilst tapping the "No bombing" sign isn't the done thing.

Good luck all