Thursday, 29 October 2009

A good weekend and not a bad month . . . . .

Last weekend went well with Maggie and a break in Devon. We got there Friday, had a decent day out on the beer Saturday watching the Birmingham game and just having a laugh and then just mooched around Sunday and Monday.
Got on so well that it was like the first 10 years of marriage and the last 12 months we agreed were a write off. As opposed to just moving back in straight away we are going to see each other a few times a week for a couple of weeks just to make sure it wasn't a 1 off and then start again if all goes well. A bit of effort and give and take on both parts and there's no reason we can't get back to how we were and Cameron will have a happier life as a result (I hope).

On the poker front I won't be playing much for the next couple of nights so will post my profit of £332 now which is the best I've done in 6 months. The bankroll is now just over £1k but the break has pushed my overdraft and credit cards up due to the extra drinks I've been forced into going out for etc so whenever I get to £1500 I'm going to bank £500 til I'm level again and stick with a £1k bankroll which is easily enough for my levels anyways.

Finally I had a bit of a sickener with a footie bet yesterday. I had a 5 game accy Tues/Weds and needed Juventus and AC Milan to win for a £330 return for £10 which would have made for a decent weekend at least. Both were winning 2-0 at 1 point so I was pretty confident and Juventus went on to batter their opponents and AC were still 2-0 up after 89 minutes. Happy days you would have thought but no. Napoli scored twice in the 90th minute to fuck me over with a marrow. Wankers . . .

Joke (Its shyt so apologies but they seem in short supply at the mo)

Whats the difference between pussy and parsley?
Who the fuck eats parsley??

Edit a better joke . .

2 muslims have crashed a speedboat into the Thames Barrier.
Police think it may be the start of Ram a Dam!!

Told ya
Good luck

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Where to play? . . . . .

Trying to up my STT buy-ins to $20 as my roll is now just shy of £1k but the problem I am having is that i-poker only have limited traffic and I seem to be up against 50% of the same players in each game. Even though I have got notes, stats on them etc if they are doing the same on me it won't take them long to realise that I'm a proper TAG and not let me maximise my decent hands. (I think they know already).
Over $1k profits showing on Sharkscope (fuktheriva) with decent ROI and recently the profit has shot up but I could do with a site with decent traffic and plenty of fish (Couldn't we all).
As I can't get to grips with cash games the STT are where I want to stay and I don't really want to mix up and change my game as it's been profitable in the stakes I've been playing and every time I try to change I get shafted as my timing is all wrong and people call with any 2 cards and will call all the way down so bluffing seems pointless against these tards.
Any advice would be appreciated.
FT seems an obvious choice but I'm not sure about the standard. I could always stay where I am on the $10 but will feel like I'm mssing out on doubling the return. Also any more than 2 tables at a time and I don't get enough information on the opposition so I end up joining a game every 20 mins. (Maybe I'm the tard lol).

Away in Devon (Brixham) from now til Tuesday with the Wife trying to sort things out so def not going to be playing too much poker (don't want to take the piss) but with being on the beer today and then mooching around until we go home Tuesday hopefully we can just resolve a few issues as our lad is staying with his Nan. I have my negotiating pants on so we'll have to see what happens.

Anyways good luck all.

Joke -

3 men on their honeymoon are talking. Each one reckons he will shag his Wife the most that night. They decide to let each other know the number of times by the amount of toast they order at breakfast the following morning so their Wives don't get suspicious.
The next morning the first man order 3 pieces of toast, the 2nd man orders 4 pieces of toast and looks pleased with himself until the 3rd man shouts "I would like 6 pieces of toast and make 2 of them brown!!"

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pokers not going too bad . . .

Up about £200 for the month so far and thats with playing less than usual.
Spending alot of time with my lad now that the Wife and I have split up and in all honesty I'm probably doing more with him than when I was at home.
Spent a fair bit of time down at a boating pond near where we live with his remote control boat and he was happy as Larry until people came alonger with bigger, faster boats. I've had a chat with a few of them and their boats cost upwards of £300 so he'll have to wait a bit.
Did get advised to pick up a stealth remote controlled speed boat by one of the blokes as they are more suitable for a 10 year old so that should be a decent surprise for him and keep him a bit happy for at least an hour or so.
He's kicking the crap out of me on his Wii at Mario Karting, boxing and tennis but in turn I'm doing the same to the mate I've moved in with.

Funnily enough the Wife and I have got on sweet since I moved out and have had a few nights out and a couple of meals and are planning a few days away in the Half Term week. If we carry on like this things might not be done and dusted just yet so the break from the antagonism might be just what we needed but there are a few areas that we need to compromise on (time spent playing poker being one of them) so we will see. I'd be more than happy to play loads of volume 2 nights a week and lay off it the rest of the time but I'm not telling her that yet as I've got my own negotiations to put on the table first lol.
Leave it there for now and hopefully will continue to make a few more ££ before the end of the month.

Apologies for the lack of a joke but I haven't had any decent ones recently. Feel free to comment with some of your own.

Good luck all . . . .

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Not bad September and mad S/Scope graph . . .

Not a bad September with a £178 profit and need another few quid to move up to $20 sng's.

I don't subscribe to Sharkscope but always use my free 5 searches and came up with the worst graph I have seen for an opponent today.
The fella,s down almost $150k and is playing a $10 sng.
Pretty sure I'd have taken up another game by now (Conkers, snakes and ladders or snap) in his shoes. I've seen better and worse graphs in mags and large stakes players but never in an opponent of mine.
On a personal front the Wife and I are on a "break" so I'm staying with a mate while we decide whether we sink or swim but as we are only communicating by text atm sinking seems more likely so we will have to see what happens. Thankfully our lad seems okay providing he can still go to his stables each weekend and see me most days so, as he's the priority, not everything is completely fooked up (at least for now).

Joke -
Tourism advert for Wales - The only country that you can get a delicious hot-pot, a warm jumper and a fantastic shag all from one animal.