Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pokers not going too bad . . .

Up about £200 for the month so far and thats with playing less than usual.
Spending alot of time with my lad now that the Wife and I have split up and in all honesty I'm probably doing more with him than when I was at home.
Spent a fair bit of time down at a boating pond near where we live with his remote control boat and he was happy as Larry until people came alonger with bigger, faster boats. I've had a chat with a few of them and their boats cost upwards of £300 so he'll have to wait a bit.
Did get advised to pick up a stealth remote controlled speed boat by one of the blokes as they are more suitable for a 10 year old so that should be a decent surprise for him and keep him a bit happy for at least an hour or so.
He's kicking the crap out of me on his Wii at Mario Karting, boxing and tennis but in turn I'm doing the same to the mate I've moved in with.

Funnily enough the Wife and I have got on sweet since I moved out and have had a few nights out and a couple of meals and are planning a few days away in the Half Term week. If we carry on like this things might not be done and dusted just yet so the break from the antagonism might be just what we needed but there are a few areas that we need to compromise on (time spent playing poker being one of them) so we will see. I'd be more than happy to play loads of volume 2 nights a week and lay off it the rest of the time but I'm not telling her that yet as I've got my own negotiations to put on the table first lol.
Leave it there for now and hopefully will continue to make a few more ££ before the end of the month.

Apologies for the lack of a joke but I haven't had any decent ones recently. Feel free to comment with some of your own.

Good luck all . . . .


microstakes bankroll builder said...

i cant give any jokes but i really like your post, and that your getting on good with your son.

if its any sympathy, i too have the ongoing conflict with my girlfriend with the time i spend playing poker (which isnt that much actually)

she just hates it, and no discussion or reasoning will change that


$1000 Man! said...

Glad you've stopped posting my sharkscope graphs this post! Nice results, make a compromise with your wife saying you'll give her a % of winnings per month, once she starts spending she'll soon shut up about the amount ur playing!

Gavin said...

Cheers 4 the comments. Regarding giving the Wife a % of the winnings it won't take her long to spend £20 a month unless she buys a baseball bat to use on me when I log on lol

spook666 said...

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