Thursday, 29 October 2009

A good weekend and not a bad month . . . . .

Last weekend went well with Maggie and a break in Devon. We got there Friday, had a decent day out on the beer Saturday watching the Birmingham game and just having a laugh and then just mooched around Sunday and Monday.
Got on so well that it was like the first 10 years of marriage and the last 12 months we agreed were a write off. As opposed to just moving back in straight away we are going to see each other a few times a week for a couple of weeks just to make sure it wasn't a 1 off and then start again if all goes well. A bit of effort and give and take on both parts and there's no reason we can't get back to how we were and Cameron will have a happier life as a result (I hope).

On the poker front I won't be playing much for the next couple of nights so will post my profit of £332 now which is the best I've done in 6 months. The bankroll is now just over £1k but the break has pushed my overdraft and credit cards up due to the extra drinks I've been forced into going out for etc so whenever I get to £1500 I'm going to bank £500 til I'm level again and stick with a £1k bankroll which is easily enough for my levels anyways.

Finally I had a bit of a sickener with a footie bet yesterday. I had a 5 game accy Tues/Weds and needed Juventus and AC Milan to win for a £330 return for £10 which would have made for a decent weekend at least. Both were winning 2-0 at 1 point so I was pretty confident and Juventus went on to batter their opponents and AC were still 2-0 up after 89 minutes. Happy days you would have thought but no. Napoli scored twice in the 90th minute to fuck me over with a marrow. Wankers . . .

Joke (Its shyt so apologies but they seem in short supply at the mo)

Whats the difference between pussy and parsley?
Who the fuck eats parsley??

Edit a better joke . .

2 muslims have crashed a speedboat into the Thames Barrier.
Police think it may be the start of Ram a Dam!!

Told ya
Good luck


John said...

Typical, theres always one result seems to fuck things up, or usually half a dozen when I have a do.

Well played this month and gl

Yorkshire Pud said...

The Napoli match was sponsored by Poekrstars obv. Runner-runner draw!!

Gavin said...

Class comment mate.;)

Helraiser said...

Gav. Re Blog. cant be arsed with the blog at the moment mate but still around