Friday, 30 April 2010

Premier League Manager of The Season . . . .

Roy Hodgson in my book . . .
Getting Fulham to a European final has to be the best achievement of the season in my book and fair play to the fella as he's not the most inspiring bloke to listen to.
On the poker front I'm posting a $500 (£325) profit for the month which I'm happy with even if I have dropped $200 since my last post. FT roll currently stands at $1k. However I've been doing a few low stakes Steps and am starting the month with 1 x Step 1, 2 x Step 3 and a Step 4 which isn't counted in the profits so will try turn that into funds over the weekend. I might try just building Steps in the week to aim at weekend shots but we'll see.

Hope you're doing well


Joke -

American, Frenchman, Englishman and Pakistani are standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower. American throws a load of money over the edge. "What did you do that for?" the others ask. "We have so much money in the states that I can afford to". He replies.
The Frenchman throws a case of Champagne over the side and says "We have so much fine Champagne here that I can throw as much as I like over".
The Pakistani looks at the Englishman and says "DON'T YOU FUCKIN DARE!!"

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Small things please small minds . . . . . lol

For a while I've been jealous of those with a shark on Sharkscope so I thought I'd better post my bugger before I lose it.
This month is proving rather good since I played the FT 90 player knock outs and I'm currently at $700 profit as this weekend has gone quite well.
My FT roll currently stands at $1.2k.
Will probably lose the shark status by Wednesday so I'll post it for posterity.

Cheers all

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not sure how I lost . . . .

A 7 to 1 chip lead . . . .

Just came 2nd in a $20 90 manner but can't believe I didn't win.
I was murdering the FT and just thought I could carry on but stopped hitting anything and got rivered FTW when holding top pair vs gut shot which hit.
$280 profit for the night but should have been double.
Oh well. Good night . .

Late edit - In all honesty I had a load of luck and could have gone out alot earlier so happy enough with the 2nd.

Just seen this lad on Soccer AM and googled his rapping in jumpoffs and found this 44 second piece that just kills his opponent and is class and I've never took any notice before.
Professor Green

Joke -

I lost in a pub quiz by 1 point . . . . . .
The question was "Where do women mostly have curly hair?"
Apparently its Africa!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Feel like shit = Play shit

Got the flu at the minute and feel like I've recieved a good kicking to the ribs (Sleeping with one eye open in case it's the Wife).
Only played a few games over the past few days but can't get moving as a lack of energy and thick headedness is reflected in no aggression and no concentration so the profits have dwindled to $100 for the month.

Following one numb nut Son telling me I am to become a Grandad in July my other one decided that a stupidity club with one member would be a lonely one and informed me over the weekend that his Mrs is also with Child.
His argument that I had him when I was 21 didn't really hold up when I explained I had a job and a house by the time he came along and he has neither ffs.
I'm surprised he had the energy to give her one tbh as he's such a lazy git but the merry-go-round starts again with regard to buying baby stuff (which I don't mind) but I worry that neither of them have even had a life yet which was the one that thing I regretted when my mates were off on holidays and buying decent motors in their early 20's.
Neither of them live with me but I see them all the time and yet their Mother is still looking at me as if it's down to me.
I'm not really a grouchy old tool and even though they know how a feel to an extent I'm not telling them everything as they need to find things out for themselves and may not be fussed about the same things I was.

Anyways enough of the grouchy old man routine.

Joke -

A young lad was sat in class scratching his crotch. The teacher asks him whats wrong and embarressed he tells her that he has been circumcised and it's a bit itchy.
His teacher tells him to go the the reception and ring his Mom for some advice.
He comes back with his cock hanging out!!
The teacher shouts "What on earth are you doing?"
"Well Miss, Mum said if I could stick it out til lunchtime she'd come and get me!"

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Life Plans . . . .

Not much happening on the poker front. Steady at just over $200 up for the month and still trying to increase it but my volume has dropped significantly with assignments due and trying to do handovers at work before I move contract from 4th May.

I was reading through my previous posts and suppose I would have thought I would have been playing bigger stakes by now but due to withdrawals for essentials etc I'm still where I was when I started.
The fact is though when I was discussing with the Wife what poker has paid for, that would either not have happened without the funds or would have gone on credit cards, overdaft etc were the funds not available it's certainly been worthwhile so far.

Looking forward to going back to Turkey for a fortnight in May and again in July as I love the place.
Not sure whether I've mentioned previously on the blog but we bought a small apartment out there 5 years ago and now that we have got it fully kitted out it's like having a home from home and it's provided us with a life focus which is achieveable and gives us complete motivation in why we do what we do and to save our hard earned cash where possible.
Our plan is that at some point we go there initially for 3 and then 6 months at a time to see how we get on and then spend a max of 9 months a year there and 3 months here. Not talking about anytime soon as we have a 10 year old to get through education and look after first and foremost but at the same time it's still a 10 year plan.
It's a cracking place and we have friends that live there and look after the place for the 48 weeks a year we are not there and make sure there are no issues etc.
Turkey's a massive place but if you are even remotely interested have a look at this list of things to do in the local area.
There is one downside but I'm not sure that you are allowed to play on-line poker over there as the dream was that poker might pay for the beer at weekends or the shopping as I can't imagine not playing poker as I do love the game.

Winning the WSOP would help but I'll settle for poker paying for stuff for the time being.

Hope your all doing well . .
I've got loads of jokes for a change so you can have 2 today. . .

Paddy's Wife goes to the Doctors complaining that after 10 years of marriage she had never had an orgasm. The Doctor advised her to relax and use a fan to keep her cool during sex. Paddy refused to pay out for a fan and asked his mate if he would mind waving a towel while they made love, but still she didn't orgasm. The next day she asked Paddy if they could swap over, so Paddy's mate made love to her and after 20 minutes of the best mind blowing sex she'd ever had she had her first orgasm. Paddy looked at his mate and said . . . . . . "That my old Son is how to flap a fucking towel!!!".

The Wife has thrown me out because she's fed up of me wanking in bed every night.
She said it was getting on her tits.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Am I playing correctly around the bubble? . . . . .

And am I posting too many new posts? . . . . . :p

Having posted negatively I then get a 3rd and 7th in 2 x 90 manners yesterday and am back up to the $250 profit mark for the month.

However I have a question around whether I am playing the game correctly around the bubble and want to give an example as a MTT yesterday is a prime example of what I do. I know I’m TAG and yesterday played the $11 Super Stack on FT that started at 6pm with just over 1600 fish and the top 162 paid.
4 and a half hours later we are down to 172 and I’ve got 23k chips and though the average is a lot higher I can easily make the min money.
Blinds are 1000/500 with an ante and I’m 4th to bet and get dealt AK. There is a raise to 2k and a further raise to 6k from a serial raiser and I decide to shove. Both call and the early raiser shows 1010 and the serial raiser AK (so tbh I was wrong about him on this occasion). 10 on the flop and I’m gone.
The question is should I have just gone for the min cash knowing that it normally goes a bit mad after the bubble bursts and try and ladder a couple of dollars or was it right to try and triple up to approx 70k and be in the top 20/30 or so?
Min cash was $19 and then it went up a couple of $$ a time.
This isn’t a one off at all as sometimes it works and obv sometimes it won’t but it was $3.5k ftw and after my previous post and having outlasted 90% of the field I wanted to give myself a fair crack.
I suppose I’ve answered my own question with the thought process around it but would be interested in any feedback. (It’s supposed to be a poker blog after all)

Hope your all well blah blah

Joke –

Camilla says to the Queen “Every time I suck Charles’ cock I get acid indigestion.
The Queen replies “Have you tried Andrews?”

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Need to win some $$$$ asap . . . .

Every time I do a positive post it seems I have to follow it up with a negative one ffs.
Still in a profit for the month of about $150 but I haven't cashed in 10-12 in the 90 manner $13 on FT which I appreciate is f*ck all but its annoying me.
Definately annoying me more though is that since my lad moved in with his pregnant girlfriend its cost me a feckin fortune in helping with their rent and bills.
They reckoned they had the rent sorted and now it appears they hadn't and they haven't got a clue about bankroll (I mean money) management.
The worst thing is they've been properly having me and the girlfriends parents over by pleading poverty and having money from all sides including Grandparents and we are back to square one this month as they've been living the life of Riley.
They're in for a shock this weekend though as they don't realise that I've been in contact with her Mom and we've realised their tricks and we're going round on Sunday together to sort all the shit out and explain how things work (or something along those lines).
Don't get me wrong we will help in any way we can as they can't survive on what they get but piss taking I will not accept.

Anyways rant over and you're probably not interested anyways :p.

Going to back the Grand National tips noted on ScoopTroop as the fella gives good reasoning behind them and have also backed Angel Cabrera, Camilo Villegas, Anthony Kim, Dustin Johnson and Charl Shwartzel for the Masters and will more than likely back a couple more after the cut if these balls it up.

Right I need to pay bills for my house and maintenance on our apartment, pay my lads rent, food and utility bills and go on holiday the End of May so I reckon £10k might put me in front.
Any ideas????

Good luck all -

Joke -

A couple run out of money and decide the Wife should go on the game. Hubby says "You stand on the pavement and I'll wait round the corner". A car stops and the Wife goes over. "How much?" asks the punter. "£100" says the Wife.
"What do I get for £20? Its all I've got." He says.
"Hold on" she says and runs around the corner to ask her Hubby what to do.
"Just give him a blow job then" he says.
She climbs into the motor, undoes his trousers and takes out the biggest cock she's ever seen. She gets back out of the car and runs back to her Husband and says . . . . . .
"Fuckin hell. You need to lend him £80!!!!!"

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Relaxation . . .

Down in Devon for the weekend. Went to Brixham and Paignton yesterday and off over to Dartmouth today.
Small excursion to the bookies (Its my holiday too you know!) and back later this evening for the results etc, beer and MOTD.
Having played probably 8 $13 90 manner s&g knockouts and had a 2nd and 3rd for a $250ish profit in the last 2 nights since I've been here which is decent and can't really play too much as I like my nuts where they are.
Hope you're having a decent weekend.

Joke -
Went to the Doctors the other day. It was a new female doctor, she was young and drop dead gorgeous. I groaned, "Oh no, I'm so embarressed".
She said "Don't worry, I'm A professional. I've seen it all. Just tell me what's wrong and I will help you any way I can."
I said "I think my cock tastes funny!!"