Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Need to win some $$$$ asap . . . .

Every time I do a positive post it seems I have to follow it up with a negative one ffs.
Still in a profit for the month of about $150 but I haven't cashed in 10-12 in the 90 manner $13 on FT which I appreciate is f*ck all but its annoying me.
Definately annoying me more though is that since my lad moved in with his pregnant girlfriend its cost me a feckin fortune in helping with their rent and bills.
They reckoned they had the rent sorted and now it appears they hadn't and they haven't got a clue about bankroll (I mean money) management.
The worst thing is they've been properly having me and the girlfriends parents over by pleading poverty and having money from all sides including Grandparents and we are back to square one this month as they've been living the life of Riley.
They're in for a shock this weekend though as they don't realise that I've been in contact with her Mom and we've realised their tricks and we're going round on Sunday together to sort all the shit out and explain how things work (or something along those lines).
Don't get me wrong we will help in any way we can as they can't survive on what they get but piss taking I will not accept.

Anyways rant over and you're probably not interested anyways :p.

Going to back the Grand National tips noted on ScoopTroop as the fella gives good reasoning behind them and have also backed Angel Cabrera, Camilo Villegas, Anthony Kim, Dustin Johnson and Charl Shwartzel for the Masters and will more than likely back a couple more after the cut if these balls it up.

Right I need to pay bills for my house and maintenance on our apartment, pay my lads rent, food and utility bills and go on holiday the End of May so I reckon £10k might put me in front.
Any ideas????

Good luck all -

Joke -

A couple run out of money and decide the Wife should go on the game. Hubby says "You stand on the pavement and I'll wait round the corner". A car stops and the Wife goes over. "How much?" asks the punter. "£100" says the Wife.
"What do I get for £20? Its all I've got." He says.
"Hold on" she says and runs around the corner to ask her Hubby what to do.
"Just give him a blow job then" he says.
She climbs into the motor, undoes his trousers and takes out the biggest cock she's ever seen. She gets back out of the car and runs back to her Husband and says . . . . . .
"Fuckin hell. You need to lend him £80!!!!!"


Wildcat said...

Seems to me the secret is to, erm, do more negative posts ?!?

As for the money, well, the clue is in the joke you did at the bottom. Go on the game and make a fortune :D

JJ said...

Been a reader of your blog for a while but thought Id just say - its nice to see that you can still have a a laugh at the end of a negative blog. Hope the next is a positive one!

Gavin said...

Hope you,re propositioning me Nick lol.