Friday, 9 April 2010

Am I playing correctly around the bubble? . . . . .

And am I posting too many new posts? . . . . . :p

Having posted negatively I then get a 3rd and 7th in 2 x 90 manners yesterday and am back up to the $250 profit mark for the month.

However I have a question around whether I am playing the game correctly around the bubble and want to give an example as a MTT yesterday is a prime example of what I do. I know I’m TAG and yesterday played the $11 Super Stack on FT that started at 6pm with just over 1600 fish and the top 162 paid.
4 and a half hours later we are down to 172 and I’ve got 23k chips and though the average is a lot higher I can easily make the min money.
Blinds are 1000/500 with an ante and I’m 4th to bet and get dealt AK. There is a raise to 2k and a further raise to 6k from a serial raiser and I decide to shove. Both call and the early raiser shows 1010 and the serial raiser AK (so tbh I was wrong about him on this occasion). 10 on the flop and I’m gone.
The question is should I have just gone for the min cash knowing that it normally goes a bit mad after the bubble bursts and try and ladder a couple of dollars or was it right to try and triple up to approx 70k and be in the top 20/30 or so?
Min cash was $19 and then it went up a couple of $$ a time.
This isn’t a one off at all as sometimes it works and obv sometimes it won’t but it was $3.5k ftw and after my previous post and having outlasted 90% of the field I wanted to give myself a fair crack.
I suppose I’ve answered my own question with the thought process around it but would be interested in any feedback. (It’s supposed to be a poker blog after all)

Hope your all well blah blah

Joke –

Camilla says to the Queen “Every time I suck Charles’ cock I get acid indigestion.
The Queen replies “Have you tried Andrews?”


John said...

Ignore the bubble, play ur big hands aggressively and go for the win! After all, who is interested in the minimum cash really, we want the big bucks!

Littleacornman said...

I'd shove AK there all day long and I play a TAG style too.TAG is fine until the late stages when you have change gears and open up to give yourself a chance to win.I'd rather miss out on a ton of min cashes in exchange for a few wins.

Wildcat said...

Agree with the above. The bubble is when you can steal a bit more from tight players.

Having said that, I'm folding in your position. You are in mid position, with a bet and a raise in front of you, with several players still to act, AK is an instafold there unless you are short. At best you are generally up against a mid pair and a high A, which means you are trying to hit 5 outs, and you could easily be drawing almost dead.

havin_a_laff said...

I think most might say get your money in with AK. Your serial raiser may have been getting a run of cards but unless he is a complete maniac I would probably still have to put him on a strong hand AK, QQ+. TBH - so close to the money and the apparent strength of the other 2 (3 way you probably have the least equity pre-flop versus their range) I probably prefer not to flip and might have been tempted to make a fold and hope for a better spot later. I might also have been nervous about someone in later position waking up with a hand.

PS - are you still 42? Seems like you ain't getting any older ;)

Gavin said...

Thanks for the comments chaps. Always appreciated. Havin a laff. I only updated it a few weeks ago as I'd been 40 for 2 years and I thought sod it I'm 42 now. I'll have to update that I'm a grandad in a few months too hehe

Danny said...

Definitely not posting too much and I love the joke at the end. Keep up the great posts