Thursday, 22 April 2010

Feel like shit = Play shit

Got the flu at the minute and feel like I've recieved a good kicking to the ribs (Sleeping with one eye open in case it's the Wife).
Only played a few games over the past few days but can't get moving as a lack of energy and thick headedness is reflected in no aggression and no concentration so the profits have dwindled to $100 for the month.

Following one numb nut Son telling me I am to become a Grandad in July my other one decided that a stupidity club with one member would be a lonely one and informed me over the weekend that his Mrs is also with Child.
His argument that I had him when I was 21 didn't really hold up when I explained I had a job and a house by the time he came along and he has neither ffs.
I'm surprised he had the energy to give her one tbh as he's such a lazy git but the merry-go-round starts again with regard to buying baby stuff (which I don't mind) but I worry that neither of them have even had a life yet which was the one that thing I regretted when my mates were off on holidays and buying decent motors in their early 20's.
Neither of them live with me but I see them all the time and yet their Mother is still looking at me as if it's down to me.
I'm not really a grouchy old tool and even though they know how a feel to an extent I'm not telling them everything as they need to find things out for themselves and may not be fussed about the same things I was.

Anyways enough of the grouchy old man routine.

Joke -

A young lad was sat in class scratching his crotch. The teacher asks him whats wrong and embarressed he tells her that he has been circumcised and it's a bit itchy.
His teacher tells him to go the the reception and ring his Mom for some advice.
He comes back with his cock hanging out!!
The teacher shouts "What on earth are you doing?"
"Well Miss, Mum said if I could stick it out til lunchtime she'd come and get me!"

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