Saturday, 3 April 2010

Relaxation . . .

Down in Devon for the weekend. Went to Brixham and Paignton yesterday and off over to Dartmouth today.
Small excursion to the bookies (Its my holiday too you know!) and back later this evening for the results etc, beer and MOTD.
Having played probably 8 $13 90 manner s&g knockouts and had a 2nd and 3rd for a $250ish profit in the last 2 nights since I've been here which is decent and can't really play too much as I like my nuts where they are.
Hope you're having a decent weekend.

Joke -
Went to the Doctors the other day. It was a new female doctor, she was young and drop dead gorgeous. I groaned, "Oh no, I'm so embarressed".
She said "Don't worry, I'm A professional. I've seen it all. Just tell me what's wrong and I will help you any way I can."
I said "I think my cock tastes funny!!"


BurnleyMik said...

Have a good one mate. Mrs won't let me take the lappy to play poker when we are on holiday!! Fair enough I spose.

Gavin said...

I wouldn't have complained either but I had an assignment to finish which was the primary reason for bringing it and she was yapping to my Sons mrs ;)

Wildcat said...

"Primary reason" yeah righto :p

Gavin said...

Answered one of the assignment areas so no-one could call me a fibber haha