Saturday, 17 April 2010

Life Plans . . . .

Not much happening on the poker front. Steady at just over $200 up for the month and still trying to increase it but my volume has dropped significantly with assignments due and trying to do handovers at work before I move contract from 4th May.

I was reading through my previous posts and suppose I would have thought I would have been playing bigger stakes by now but due to withdrawals for essentials etc I'm still where I was when I started.
The fact is though when I was discussing with the Wife what poker has paid for, that would either not have happened without the funds or would have gone on credit cards, overdaft etc were the funds not available it's certainly been worthwhile so far.

Looking forward to going back to Turkey for a fortnight in May and again in July as I love the place.
Not sure whether I've mentioned previously on the blog but we bought a small apartment out there 5 years ago and now that we have got it fully kitted out it's like having a home from home and it's provided us with a life focus which is achieveable and gives us complete motivation in why we do what we do and to save our hard earned cash where possible.
Our plan is that at some point we go there initially for 3 and then 6 months at a time to see how we get on and then spend a max of 9 months a year there and 3 months here. Not talking about anytime soon as we have a 10 year old to get through education and look after first and foremost but at the same time it's still a 10 year plan.
It's a cracking place and we have friends that live there and look after the place for the 48 weeks a year we are not there and make sure there are no issues etc.
Turkey's a massive place but if you are even remotely interested have a look at this list of things to do in the local area.
There is one downside but I'm not sure that you are allowed to play on-line poker over there as the dream was that poker might pay for the beer at weekends or the shopping as I can't imagine not playing poker as I do love the game.

Winning the WSOP would help but I'll settle for poker paying for stuff for the time being.

Hope your all doing well . .
I've got loads of jokes for a change so you can have 2 today. . .

Paddy's Wife goes to the Doctors complaining that after 10 years of marriage she had never had an orgasm. The Doctor advised her to relax and use a fan to keep her cool during sex. Paddy refused to pay out for a fan and asked his mate if he would mind waving a towel while they made love, but still she didn't orgasm. The next day she asked Paddy if they could swap over, so Paddy's mate made love to her and after 20 minutes of the best mind blowing sex she'd ever had she had her first orgasm. Paddy looked at his mate and said . . . . . . "That my old Son is how to flap a fucking towel!!!".

The Wife has thrown me out because she's fed up of me wanking in bed every night.
She said it was getting on her tits.

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donnie said...

those last 3 lines are priceless. if your not feeling up for it- never seems to go for you i find.