Sunday, 25 April 2010

Small things please small minds . . . . . lol

For a while I've been jealous of those with a shark on Sharkscope so I thought I'd better post my bugger before I lose it.
This month is proving rather good since I played the FT 90 player knock outs and I'm currently at $700 profit as this weekend has gone quite well.
My FT roll currently stands at $1.2k.
Will probably lose the shark status by Wednesday so I'll post it for posterity.

Cheers all


havin_a_laff said...

dat is pretty hot. quite right - mine would have been posted in a millsecond.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Nice stats!

You do know you could cheat and always keep your shark? You can edit the ranges it awards fish and sharks to so you could in theory always be a shark not matter how badly you ran!

Gavin said...

Didn't know that Pud. Look pretty daft if someone was minus £10k with a shark tho :)