Monday, 31 August 2009

Decentish month compared to recent ones . . . . .

Up just shy of £200 on the poker so not too bad along with approx £400 footie bet profit in the past fortnight.
Sometimes last minute goals go for you (Everton in my bet yesterday) and sometimes against (Spurs vs Blues on Saturday).
Villa are the next visitors in a fortnight and that will be important for local pride as well as the points we will need but tbh we look quite organised at the minute and it was difficult to assess Villa yesterday against a very poor Fulham performance yesterday.
Not much else to report tbh but am saving my footie betting slips until I need the cash when the shift allowance dries up this month.

GL All.

Joke -

The Mother of Caster Semenya, Womens 800m World Champion, has expressed her outrage at her Daughter having to undergo a gender test.
She said, "This is a complete kick in the bollocks for my Daughter!"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Not a bad start . . . .

Decent result for Birmingham last night vs Pompey. The penalty may have been controversial but David James was a bit naïve to put himself in the situation that led to it imo. Spurs might be the team on the up on the look of the early season form. Fair enough its only 2 games but they look well organised and potent up front and though you can’t win anything early doors you can certainly make costly errors that cost you in the end and they must be massively confident at the moment.

On the poker front I seem to be on a heater of sorts with the $10 DYM’s and got a 7th last night in the WillHill SuperSeries winning $141 for an $8 outlay so happy about that. With a bit of luck and continued form I’m hoping to move up to the $20 DYM’s by the end of September if not before.
Tbh I’m not sure whether I’m doing the BRM thing the right way but as soon as I get to my next target (£750) I am going to move up whether the roll has come from STT’s or MTT’s. As far as I’m concerned I have just 1 roll so can move up when I can afford it. Is this correct?
I am thinking of playing some live poker at the Grosvenor Walsall at some point after seeing an article in the Inside Poker magazine and fancy the £20 freezeout on a Saturday night but am a bit put off as it is self dealt and I have only ever played live in a social club environment or home game so am not overly confident in the dealing stakes and will probably make a few errors. It is something I am interested in getting into though so might just go and have a look to begin with.

The decent thing about
online poker games though is that if you get knocked out you can find another in a couple of minutes and whereas with live poker I could be sitting around for a while railing whoever I go with as I won’t drive as I like a tot.

As a final point
UKGatsby has done a cracking post If Carlsberg done Footballers On Facebook :) and its well worth a look.

That will do for now. Good luck.
Joke –

Paddy and Mary went to counselling after 25 years of marriage. When asked about the problems Mary had a list of issues, neglect, loneliness, unloved etc. Afterwards the therapist got up, walked around his desk, asked Mary to stand up and then unbuttoned her blouse, caressed her breasts and kissed her while Paddy watched.
"This is what your Wife needs 3 times a week" the therapist said, "Can you manage that?"
Paddy thought about it for a minute and said "I can drop her off on Mondays and Wednesdays but on Fridays I play golf".

Saturday, 15 August 2009

C'mon you Blues . . . . .

At last the new football season is here and the chance to see decent football at St Andrews (for a season at least).

A dream season would see Birmingham champions by 6 points, Villa relegated with the lowest ever points total, me winning a football bet and no injuries to the England squad prior to the World Cup.

In reality it will be a dour struggle with McCleish already making excuses for his probable failure with the lack of spends he has had (£20m) and saying he needs more players. In all honesty he may well do but ffs get on with it and stop clouding things with your negativity.
Villa will probably do okay though they have spent jack shit and haven't replaced Barry.
My football bets always fuck up but I'll post them each week so you know who to avoid.

My shift work finishes next week which on the negative sees me lose the 25% shift allowance, work no more nights (I quite liked them with no top brass around), spend more time in rush hour traffic.
However on the positive I can spend more time with the family, try not to look so tired (my eyes look so black underneath I look like a panda) and have every weekend free.

Thats enough for now and poker is slowly getting better thank fook.

Joke -

Bloke marries a deaf girl and says "We need a code for sex. I'll squeeze your left tit if I want it and you pull my cock once for yes and 253 times for no".


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cracking Holiday but . . . . . . . .

Still playing like a twunt as has been proven on my return.
My Sharkscope graph has taken a right hammering so I have decided to try and continue to play the SnG's until the end of August and if there is no improvement then go back to MTT's as that was where I seemed to fair better before WillHill moved to iPoker.

If anyone wants a cheap holiday destination you can't do much better than Turkey as they are not in the EU and you can still get a large beer for 1.5 YTL or 65p in some places and even when they go up after 9:30pm it is only £1.50 which is a lot cheaper than the Eurozone. Add 40 degree temperatures, good food and a swimming pool and you can't go far wrong (unless you have 10+ pints in the morning, sunbathe without your hat or lotion on and then go for a swim, in which case you might feel a bit ropey).
Oh well back to trying to find the winning habit. GL all
Joke -
A boy catches his Mom and Dad having sex and asks "What are you doing?".
His Dad replies "Making you a Brother or Sister".
The little boy says "Do her doggy. I want a puppy!".