Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cracking Holiday but . . . . . . . .

Still playing like a twunt as has been proven on my return.
My Sharkscope graph has taken a right hammering so I have decided to try and continue to play the SnG's until the end of August and if there is no improvement then go back to MTT's as that was where I seemed to fair better before WillHill moved to iPoker.

If anyone wants a cheap holiday destination you can't do much better than Turkey as they are not in the EU and you can still get a large beer for 1.5 YTL or 65p in some places and even when they go up after 9:30pm it is only £1.50 which is a lot cheaper than the Eurozone. Add 40 degree temperatures, good food and a swimming pool and you can't go far wrong (unless you have 10+ pints in the morning, sunbathe without your hat or lotion on and then go for a swim, in which case you might feel a bit ropey).
Oh well back to trying to find the winning habit. GL all
Joke -
A boy catches his Mom and Dad having sex and asks "What are you doing?".
His Dad replies "Making you a Brother or Sister".
The little boy says "Do her doggy. I want a puppy!".

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