Saturday, 15 August 2009

C'mon you Blues . . . . .

At last the new football season is here and the chance to see decent football at St Andrews (for a season at least).

A dream season would see Birmingham champions by 6 points, Villa relegated with the lowest ever points total, me winning a football bet and no injuries to the England squad prior to the World Cup.

In reality it will be a dour struggle with McCleish already making excuses for his probable failure with the lack of spends he has had (£20m) and saying he needs more players. In all honesty he may well do but ffs get on with it and stop clouding things with your negativity.
Villa will probably do okay though they have spent jack shit and haven't replaced Barry.
My football bets always fuck up but I'll post them each week so you know who to avoid.

My shift work finishes next week which on the negative sees me lose the 25% shift allowance, work no more nights (I quite liked them with no top brass around), spend more time in rush hour traffic.
However on the positive I can spend more time with the family, try not to look so tired (my eyes look so black underneath I look like a panda) and have every weekend free.

Thats enough for now and poker is slowly getting better thank fook.

Joke -

Bloke marries a deaf girl and says "We need a code for sex. I'll squeeze your left tit if I want it and you pull my cock once for yes and 253 times for no".



Wildcat said...

Burnely +53 for the handicap with the tote is a great bet, they could get relegated and still win it!

Helraiser said...

Burnley will be lucky to get 20 points!!! utter crop of shit.

Amatay said...

ahhh classic joke, the old ones are the best ones. gogogogogogogogo the mightay hammers this yr!