Monday, 31 August 2009

Decentish month compared to recent ones . . . . .

Up just shy of £200 on the poker so not too bad along with approx £400 footie bet profit in the past fortnight.
Sometimes last minute goals go for you (Everton in my bet yesterday) and sometimes against (Spurs vs Blues on Saturday).
Villa are the next visitors in a fortnight and that will be important for local pride as well as the points we will need but tbh we look quite organised at the minute and it was difficult to assess Villa yesterday against a very poor Fulham performance yesterday.
Not much else to report tbh but am saving my footie betting slips until I need the cash when the shift allowance dries up this month.

GL All.

Joke -

The Mother of Caster Semenya, Womens 800m World Champion, has expressed her outrage at her Daughter having to undergo a gender test.
She said, "This is a complete kick in the bollocks for my Daughter!"


James McAteer said...


Gavin said...

Cheers mate. If I could get to your profile I'd link you up :(

John Long said...

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microstakes bankroll builder said...

good results. but interested to know what quantity of these tournies are you playing, and buy in etc.
any cash games?
good luck with it all

Gavin said...

James - Just realised who you are and we're already linked :)

Micro - I reckon I have played approx 200 $10 Double your money STTS and a few MTT. In all honesty a shyt return for the time put in but I'm going to end up playing anyways so might as well make a profit. Since WillHill moved to i-poker I'm trying to find a game that I can make a decent profit at within the BR and will continue to look :). Linked you up mate.

microstakes bankroll builder said...

thanks for the link, will do same