Friday, 4 September 2009

This weeks footie bet . . . .

Having won my last couple of weeks footie bets I thought I'd post this weeks before the kick off (and probably fookin jinx myself).

Poker has gone a bit off the boil so could do with a lazy Saturday afternoon doing nothing but watching Gillette Soccer Saturday and the racing and hopefully earn a few quid without the need to concentrate on my laptop screen and save the hassle of donating to the other fish (I think I've become one or maybe I always was).

I cannot give you any massive reason to go along with my picks as all I look at is the league table (which means little after a handful of games) and the team news on BBC sport.

Here goes - (WillHill footie odds) Half time coupon odds in brackets.

Charlton at home to Brentford 8-13 (6-5)
MK Dons at home to Huddersfield 6-5 (15-8)
Aldershot at home to Hereford 10-11 (13-8)
Crewe at home to Macclesfield 8-13 (6-5)
Torquay at home to Bournemouth 11-8 (11-5) or Gillingham at home to Exeter 13-10 (13-8)

Pick up from a £4 on the long list would be £100.79 and £4 on the half time coupon would be £383.51 if you include Gillingham rather than Torquay.

I'm going to have a few quid on both half time and full time coupons but need to make my mind up out of the last 2 fixtures but will probably go for Gillingham.

Joke -

Teacher asks class to name things that end with "tor" that eat things. 1st little boy says "alligator". "Very good that's a big word" . . . 2nd little boy says "predator" . . "Yes, that's another big word" . . . 3rd boy says "vibrator miss". After nearly falling off her chair she says "Thats a big word but it doesn't eat anything!". The lad says "Well my Sisters got one and she says it eats batteries like fuck!!"

Good luck all


Wildcat said...

Oppose Bournemouth at your peril mate ;)

Gavin said...

Decision made then mate :)