Saturday, 19 September 2009

This fooka better win . . . .

This weeks bet -

Villa 4/11
Cardiff 4/5
Newcastle 4/11
Leeds 4/9
Notts County 5/6
£4 outlay = £35 return on FT coupon and £128 on HT coupon.

3rd attempt at posting my footie bet so would be nice to have a f'in win.
After the local derby last week I don't think Brum would have scored if we had played til Thursday as we didn't seem to have any invention, just grit which will only ever get you a point. To be fair to Villa their defence was top notch and I was hoping that might be their weakness with 3 new players having their debut's.

Poker is just up and down atm but won't be playing for a couple of nights after tonight as I'm off to Hereford for a nights golf break. Looking forward to the afternoon round but after getting smashed on the night the following mornings golf is normally a fookin disaster.

Oh well lets hope the footie bet comes off and Blues can see off Hull.

Post footie edit - Bollox to the betting. WP Blues.

Joke -
How come when your Wife and girlfriend is pregnant, all her female friends rub her tummy and say "congratulations!" but none of them rub your cock and say "well done!!".

Good luck all.


$1000 Man! said...

Notts County let me down aswell, fuck'n Sven!

Gavin said...

Yup. Fuck Sven and fuck the Welsh in general lol