Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Looks like a decent month . . .

£440 profit for the month which I'll close now as I'm in work at 5am and will not be playing much if at all tomorrow.
Was a bit the worse for wear when I played and did a blog post Saturday. Reckon I went $130 approx down before winning one for $288.
Yesterday just played one for $54 and a couple of KO's and today 2 for 6 KO's and a 2nd.
Admittedly its probably not going to be sustainable but I'll take it tyvm.
Going down to Devon Thursday night til Sunday and though I'll defo be taking the laptop I'll be strung up by my nads if I play too much.
Hope everythings okay with everyone else . .

Joke -

Two women were talking.
"Do you look at your Husbands face when you're having sex?" asked the 1st woman.
"I did once and he looked really angry." Replied the 2nd.
"Why angry?" asked the 1st
"Because he was watching through the window!!"

Not the best I'll admit.

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Wildcat said...

Very decent month indeed, wish I could say the same!