Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nothing's ever easy . . . .

After blowing my own trumpet regarding being up $200 playing Rush Poker on FT I quickly donated over half of it back within an hour of publishing the post. $60 when the all in post flop with me with top straight and him with 2 pair which filled for his house on the river and the other $40+ playing like a cock because of the aforementioned hand.
Still going to play it though and am planning to use the roll which is now just over $200 for over the next 3 days while I'm off work watching the Cheltenham festival. Will be having a few beers this arvo and will no doubt be taking risks later when my head thinks chasing hands is a cracking idea. Will try not to but its kind of inevitable.
Really looking forward to a relaxing couple of days and as my cars booked in at a mates garage to have a new cam, head skimmed and a service until Friday afternoon it seems a good excuse for a beer though I've also got to finish a couple of assignments.

On the work front my firm has picked up a new contract for the Environment Agency looking after their IT and I've decided to go for a role on it. Having worked on the current contract for 4 years I feel I'm stagnating and the Service Centre looks too top heavy with gaffers so there's nowhere to go. Historically if you are in at the start of a contract and hit the ground running it's a good opportunity to show what you can do and kick on so I'm hoping I can get on it.
I've been told that I've been earmarked to look after the Out of Hours team again as I set one up on the current contract so I'm hoping I don't fook up the assessment day. No ale or poker the night before that believe me.
Anyways enough wittering about work.

Will be taking up the Bet365 offer of a free bet if you back winners over 4/1 on Channel4 races (funnily enough the bookie in the local doesn't do any such offers) and one I will be backing is Kalahari King so I'd better go and find my lucky pants.

Also as BurnleyMik has put on his post sign up for this petition if you are pissed off with rising fuel prices

Joke -

Man goes to the Docs and says "I've been shagging the Wife for 10 years now and she's getting a bit loose. Is there anything you can suggest to tighten her up abit?"
"Well" says the Doc, "This is a bit of a taboo subject but have you tried going up the other hole?"
The fella replies "WHAT? And risk getting her pregnant!"

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Nomad said...

Lol @ lucky pants. I hope you find em before you make any bets.

Love the jokes at the end of every post. Nice blog.