Wednesday, 10 March 2010

If it can be done at poker . . . . .

It should be possible on the footie.

There have been a few challenges set and achieved turning a few dollars into $10k on the poker front but I'm going to have a go with gambling on the footie.Poker is going nowhere at the moment and tbh thats probably through boredom resulting in bad play and I'm bored of playing and ending up level. A break will do me good I reckon.So, even though I've left it late for this season, I'm going to set myself a challenge of turning £20 into over £1k (initially) betting on the footie.

My plan is that the £20 will give me 4 goes at starting with a fiver as this is at least involving a form of BRM.
I plan to back 6 teams at a time at roughly 1/2 prices which will return approx 10/1.
If the bet wins I then split the winnings in 2 so that I can have to goes at the next level and so on.

I could still do with more cash but would rather spend a few evenings glancing at than grinding DYM for f*%k all due to boredom.
It might fall flat but I'll post the bets before the relevent kick-off times and will back the full European/Worldwide coupons on WillHill.
I'll probably be back in love with Poker within a week but this just sounds easier to me. (Can't be though or we'd all be at it).

Just a question but how can that muppet Sepp Blatter say there is no need for goal line technology in a multi-million pound game like football when it is proving invaluable in tennis and cricket. Soooo far behind the times he probably still thinks we play with a pigs bladder. Obv I'm not bitter that Blues had a goal ruled out even though it was blatantly over the line against Pompey in the cup.

Oh well GL all.

Joke -

A woman, pregnant with triplets, was caught in the crossfire at a bank robbery and shot 3 times in the stomach. The doctors decided it was too risky to operate and chose to leave the bullets in.

16 years later one of the girl triplets went crying to her Mum. She asked her what was wrong. "I was peeing and a bullet came out" so her Mom told her what had happened 16 years earlier.

A couple of days later the same thing happened to the other girl triplet so her Mom told her the story about the bank robbery.

The day after the boy triplet went crying to his Mother. "Let me guess" she said "You were peeing and a bullet came out".

"No" said the boy "I was having a wank and I think I shot the dog!!"


$1000 Man! said...

Good luck with your footy bet goals, its always nice to take a break from poker, and i'm a firm believer it helps your game even more!

Wildcat said...

I'd feel pretty sore too tbh. Not only were you done on that goal, you were knocked out by a team who are bankrupt and shouldn't even exist :(

Good luck with the sports betting. Let me know if you need any tips :D

Gavin said...

Cheers for the comments chaps. I'll let you know about the tips mate :)

馬甲 said...