Friday, 12 March 2010

Start of footie challenge . . .

I have selected 2 x £5 footie bets this weekend to start my challenge (1 for Saturday and 1 for Sunday).

Saturdays picks are -
Spurs - 4/9
Northampton - 4/11
Rushden - 4/9
Lyon - 4/11
AEK Athens - 1/2
Braga - 4/9

£5 returns £42

Sundays are -
Barca - 2/5
AC Milan 4/11
Kaiserslauten - 4/9
Feyenoord - 2/5
Sporting Lisbon - 4/7
Bursaspor - 4/9

£5 returns £44

Lets hope it gets off to a winning start as my roll is left with a tenner to bail me out.
GL on the felt. I'm still playing a bit but closing down when I lose interest for a change

Saturday edit - Lyon fookers - footies rigged lol
Sunday edit - That ones gone up the wall as well. £10 left

Joke -

Man at chemist says "I need poison!"
Chemist replies "I'm sorry I can't sell you that."
Fella shows him his marriage certificate.
Chemist says "I'm sorry Sir. I didn't realise you had a prescription!"


Wildcat said...

Thinly disguised "I'm lumping on all the shorties"

gl ;)

Are you using a comparison site like oddschecker to make sure you get the best price, be very difficult to make a profit otherwise ;)

And why would you leave out arsenal?

Gavin said...

My game my rules ;)
Only really bet thru WillHill mate but you have a good point.

Don't like backing away teams mate in answer to Arsenal though I'll probably contradict that next week

John said...

You not gone for Birmingham!! Tough game vs Everton they are playing very well.

GL mate