Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fold, Call, Raise and . . . .

And the fourth button . . . . . Cunt . .
My win of the other day introduced the button under the guise "Invincible".
You don't see the button. It's like the door to Narnia (remember that?) If not it was like Harry Potter for the older people.
This is where mere mortals get above themselves and try it on against people that haven't got a clue or, as in my case, can,t fold.
Therefore it seems I haven't got a clue

I'm SOTV (Shit On The Villa)
Late edit. Sod the extra button. The above tourney happened after the post which will prob confuse the issue but I don,t know how to move the pic so it,s probably confused the point.

Thanks and goodnight.

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Cottlad said...

Hi m8... fancy re-linking me up? I got yrs already. Run good :)

Gavin said...

Job done mate