Thursday, 25 March 2010

I got me a new job . . . .

Interviewed at 10:30 and advised at 6pm that the offer letter will be in the post tomorrow. Weeeeeeee.
TBH, even though I always have it within me to make a ricket from time to time, it was an ex-Manager along with the IT Service Centre Director that were interviewing me so I was at a definate advantage as potentially cocking up an hours interview was never going to undo 3 years knowledge of your work.
So back setting up an Out of Hours night shift with working instructions, process and procedures blah blah etc for me.
Can't wait as everyone needs a new challenge from time to time and they've agreed to carry on the existing sponsorship of my PT Foundation Degree.

Anyways Happy Days

Joke of sorts

I hate Spring, my eyes are constantly streaming, sore and itchy and I blame women for this.
If they didn't wear such revealing clothes then they wouldn't need the pepper spray.



Helraiser said...

Well done and good luck with the new role. Obviously there was only one candidate ;)

Wildcat said...

Nice one!

$1000 Man! said...

Congrats mate

Helraiser said...

When I say candidate I really mean application!!

Gavin said...

Cheers for the comments. Helraiser - Shove another nail in your head ;)

havin_a_laff said...