Thursday, 7 October 2010

Still plodding . . . but

I used to have quite a good win rate at poker as I was playing for fun and it didn't really make much difference financially.
Now I need the bloody $$ I'm break even which is a pain.
TBH now I'm in my flat I'm playing less as opposed to more as I have to do bloody housework (never knew what that was before).
I've realised it's not worth ironing anything as I end up with more creases than when I started and if I'm going to shave my head it's probably best to do it before I clean the bathroom and not 5 minutes after I've finished doing it.
Also working nights puts paid to 7 nights out of every 21.
I still enjoy the game but would really like to win a few $$ a month to take the pressure off with Crimbo and car tax due.
Bankroll at 1.7k as took $500 out to pay for a golf trip.
Came close last night though finishing 23/2027 in a $24 MTT on FT for $145ish when it was just under $10k ftw. Now that would have been nice :).

Hope everyone else is doing okay -

Joke - (3 for the price of one as my blogging is a little sparce at the moment)

The police came to my front door last night, holding a picture of my Wife. They said "Is this your Wife Sir?" Shocked, I answered "Yes!". They said "I'm afraid it looks like she's been in a car accident". I said "I know but she has a lovely personality!"

Teacher asks class to put the word contagious in a sentence.
Ron says "The measles are contagious".
Katie says "There is a bug going round and it's contagious"
Little Johnny says "My neighbour's painting his house with a 2 inch brush and Dad says it will take the contagious!!"

Lost my job as a lifeguard yesterday.
Apparently refusing a Muslim entry to the pool whilst tapping the "No bombing" sign isn't the done thing.

Good luck all


Anonymous said...

A tip for ya from a single guy. Get yourself a tumble dryer and as soon as the cycle finishes take the shirts / t-shirts out straight away and give them a good waft. Much easier than ironing.


Joppa Road said...

Loving the jokes mate :)

Yorkshire Pud said...

Sorry to hear about the split but I guess everyone will be much happier once the dust settles.

Pokerwise, you need to think of your poker bankroll as that, your poker bankroll. If you make profits from the game you can withdraw them you're not playing the game so you can make withdrawals if you catch my drift.

Playing knowing you have to make money is a bitch and does lead to most of us not playing how we normally do. For instance, should you raise your flush draw and over card all-in and risk losing a buyin (several pints with the lads) or play it passively and no lose as much if you miss.

Play to win as much as you can not to lose the least you can.


Gavin said...

Thanks for the comments. Cheers Pud. My idea is to withdraw if I need to but to try and build the roll and pay of some bills as and when they come in. Will make life easier all round if I can do that. Sounds easy when you type it ;)