Friday, 10 October 2008

A licence to print money?? Learning Point No2

At last, having had a shit couple of weeks, I am starting to play with a little more thought and have started to turn it around.
It's nothing major but I am turning a small profit rather than a loss for the month and anything in the + column will do for me as it means I am getting a bit closer to my £2k roll target (£840 as it stands).

I have also found a bit of a gold mine (though it comes with a warning).
I have started playing £5 and £10 double your money STT's.
These a quite easy pickings if you are tight til there are 6/7 left and get looser to ensure your top 5. They are enough fishes out there that even when you think you might be dead in the water someone makes a ridiculous decision and hands it to you.
The warning is not to take the games too lightly.
I had got my top 5 in 8 on the bounce until tiredness and complacency cost me 2 tourneys and that can knock your profits obviously.

Nothings happening on the MTT's at the moment as I just can't seem to get a run at anything but I can only hope Will Hill is saving the luck element for a run at the Caribbean Cruise tournaments next week.

I have had a cracking idea for a Bluenose Poker site too. Sod all the concerns about whether I can see your hole cards or not, on my site I would have the facility to grey out your options boxes.

If I have fuck all your only option to use would be the fold button and when I have the nuts your only option available would be to go all in. If you get timed out you automatically choose the option available at the time.

If Carlsberg did me a poker site... lol

Thanks as always for having a look.

Joke time:-

A little boy was crying in Tesco's when a man asks him "Are you lost?" When the boy nods the man asks "What's your Mom like?" The boy answers "Big cocks and Bacardi Breezers!"


Ukgatsby said...

create a poker site that deals....

a 2 card flop
then the 3rd card
then the turn
then thats it (no river)

Will be the next big thing ;)

gl gl

Gavin said...

Another suggestion is tag poker. You play as a partnership so you build a chip stack then I lose them all when we swap for a level and you beat the shit out of me :)

Wildcat said...

I played the dyms for a bit too, got a profit but nearly died of boredom en route ;) With my current run in mind maybe I should go back to them!

Gavin said...

Cheers for the comment Wildcat. In all honesty I will probably give an update on these in my next post. I played 6 £5 ones last night and got through 4 of them. But that was a £7 profit after the Will Hill ante added for 2.5 hours so a right ball ache. You need a good strike rate. Think I will do these occasionally and stick to MTT,s.


amateur said...

These double your money jobbies contain loads of mugs.
I've found 4 tabling em is a good pace to never get bored. Just stay tight early and leave the fish to it.

Gavin said...

Thanks Amateur.
As you can see from my reply to Wildcat you need a high strike rate but I will test out starting a new 0ne every 15 minutes and see how I get on. If I fail I might have to acknowledge I am 1 of the fish :(. Cheers for the comment and gl