Monday, 20 October 2008

Ship Ship.. I mean Boat Boat.. I mean fookin hell

Fookin hell . .He's only gone and done it. Ship ahoy. The Bluenose has won a seat on the CPC.
With all being well Mrs Gav will get the time off work and I will sweet talk the lad's Head Mistress into giving him the week off school and off we go...
My only problem now is that I have a £900 bankroll and I don't want to donate to the sharks on board.
Not quite sure what to do on that score but I know I will be mightily pissed off if I cane all my hard work but fuck that I am on the boat so will think about that tomorrow.
I might just take it as a well deserved holiday and enjoy the spoils of the game and take my laptop to get the occasional fix. Still over the moon tbh and soooo excited so will cut this short.
Joke -
A visitor to a mental institution asked the director how he decided which patients should be kept in. The director said "We fill the bath, then offer the patient a teaspoon, teacup or a bucket & ask them to empty the bathtub." The visitor said "Oh, I see , a normal person would choose the bucket because its the biggest". The director said "No, a normal person would pull the fucking plug out. Would you like a bed near the window?"
Keep smiling and good luck. I can't believe that I have achieved one of my objectives already.


Helraiser said...

Well done m8, really pleased for ya

Gavin said...

Cheers mate.

Mike & Lou said...

congrats, hope you have a good trip.


L4Y SP said...

jeez...thats pretty sweet . nice 1

Amatay said...

wowsay, you won a cpc package next month??? Im goin on that mate, be gd to say hello

Just me said...

Reeeesult!!! Just treat it like the free holiday it is mate!! Everythign is so much sweeter when its free ;)

Gavin said...

Thanks very much for all of the congrats.
However I am now updating my blog with the downside of being a plank in your teens. :(