Friday, 17 October 2008

Opening New Avenues...

Not alot has happened this week.
Have added £50 to the bankroll but have not really got close to making any decent additions, rather plugging into the money in MTT's without any real opportunity to progress deep.

I have changed my mind slightly regarding the Double Your Money STT's as unless you are multi-tabling them and hitting a very good % it is a waste of time. Not sure whether my early positives were flash in the pan but it was affecting my MTT games and I think I may have been one the the fish towards the end of that experiment.

The new avenue that I refer to in the title is that I have decided to learn how to play Pot Limit Holdem (PLO). To be fair I had read a few articles, thought I had picked up the main points and then had a little go at a small ($5) MTT.
Basic mistakes were to the fore (getting excited when dealt trips before realising on a pair will count:)) which made it obvious I had not taking nearly enough notice of the articles I had read.
However I am slowly getting better and for $5 per MTT I am treating it as paying for lessons for the next couple of weeks. TBH it is a good game and I can see why people talk highly of it and if it can be a source of a bit more income later it will be worth the investment.

Reading other people's blogs always gives you food for thought and my current conundrum is at what level to increase the buy in's of the MTT's I am playing.
I already know the answer but having built the roll am not sure whether I want to risk it.
I'll get over it.

Have had a couple of cracks at winning a place on the Will Hill Caribbean Cruise this week but to no avail and will have a final stab at the £30 freeze out on Sunday.

Will be a tough time for Birmingham with 5 games in the next 16 days but with a bit of luck we will get through the other sides injury free and remain top of the league.

And the joke - They have been a bit thin on the ground lately

A man comes home and finds his new young Wife being vigorously shafted from behind by his mate so he stabs him to death. His Wife, all dishevelled and rosy cheeked, says "that was silly, carry on like that and you'll have no mates left!"

Good luck all and thanks for reading.


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Just me said...

She has been busy!! lol PLO is a great game mate....its pretty much all I play cash now, havent played Hold Em cash for months...Im still learning though!

Gavin said...

Your right mate. She's a fookin spamming wotsit. Cheers for the comment. I will need to play hold em to keep the bank roll ticking but want to learn Omaha to have some variety. Cheers and GL