Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Its all sorted..

Thanks for support all. The poker cruise has now been sold to Dom who enquired about it.

Cheers to Amatay for putting it on the Blonde forum and UKgatsby for using his contacts. I could have sold it 3 times.

All in all a profitable tourney and it certainly helps with the monthly total and Dom has even given me a 2.5% stake in him which is a bonus. (Okay I was cheeky enough to ask for it and he kindly agreed).

Still going on holiday myself with the airfare money so happy days.

With a bit of luck this will be my last posting on the 2008 CPC unless Dom sorts me out with a few bob.

Roll on the 2009 one if I can plan it better.

Cheers and GL

Joke -

While packing your shopping in your car, you may be approached by 2 fit 18 year old East European girls, in tight tiny tops . They wash your windscreen with tits haanging out and ask for a lift to the next shop as payment.
On the way they strip and go down on each other. Then one of them climbs in the front and sucks you off while the other nicks yourt wallet!
I had mine stolen last Tues and Weds, twice on Thurs and again today.
Be careful!!


Amatay said...

glad it u got it sorted m8

Gavin said...


Hairy Gymnast said...

Which LIDL was that?

Gavin said...

Can't say mate.
I'd be encouraging a crime wave!!