Sunday, 28 September 2008

Playing like a Clown

There's nothing worse than playing like a clown, someone telling you are a clown and then arguing the toss (like a complete clown) but thats what happened last night. I have been playing like a pillock for a couple of days so might as well have a truthful blog from the off and yesterday made a pretty bad play which hit a straight.(Chips all in from before the flop so no skill involved). Normally I would apologise and that would be that but the other player, obviously a tad unhappy, had a bit of a pop and, never having been too keen to back away from an argument, I proceeded to look an even bigger clown by trying to explain my reasoning behind my play. Having thought about it this might work in my favour as the fella plays a fair bit on my preferred site and probably has me pegged as a plank and with a bit of luck has notes on me as such. I made notes on each person on the table as "probably thinks I am a sh*t player" so that should I come up against them again I can hopefully rinse them with better play. Realistically people probably don't take notes on a one off play but you never know. (My argument was rubbish so may have drawn attention to me).

I would like to thank the couple of people who have offered me advice on books to read etc and offered PDF's, as feedback and advice is always welcome, unless the advice is to "f off and take up tiddly winks".

Having read a few other blogs there are obviously people with various levels of skill/experience and they are all, in the main, interesting. My hopes and aspirations for my poker are to see if I can first of all qualify for the attainable, like the Will Hill Caribbean Cruise or via free rolls and cheap satellites to larger buy in tournies, to give me a crack at some decent money but to be fair while I am playing with my big shoes, trousers and a red nose on I will stick to my small stakes until I can force myself to play sensibly. The clown issue still leaves me a few hundred £ up for the month but the lack of discipline is annoying.

Anyway I will post again at the end of the month with a profit/loss figure for September and with a bit of luck a positive update.

Joke of the day:-

3 women, 1 engaged, 1 married and 1 a mistress decide to treat their men by wearing black leather bras, stiletto heels and mask for when they arrive home from work. Following day the engaged woman says "my man leapt on me as soon as he saw me & made love to me all night!" The mistress adds "Me too. We had wild unhibited sex all night and all morning!" The married woman sighs "My husband came home, took 1 look at me and said "Whats for dinner Batman?!"

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Config said...

Best of luck out there m8!
Have added link.


Config said...

gl out there m8


Config said...

gl out there m8


Gavin said...

cheers Config

Just me said...

Alright matey, saw you linked me up..will return the favour :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

all linked up

good luck

Wonky said...

ditto GL

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nice blog, ill link ya

Cottlad said...

Yes by the way..... you should be making notes on any strange indivdual play and then updating them as time goes by if needed.
Info info info!!! :)

GL with the blog.... it reads well

Gavin said...

Cheers Cottlad.
I reckon others are hopefully less clued up but cheers and gl