Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Learning Point No1

Is this the picture of the original dick head??

On nights now for a few days but managed to get to a couple of Final Tables on Monday night (unfortunately not the Super Series as I managed to bugger that up early doors)

Though these were decent results and gained £100 profit (not to be sniffed at) I made the same glaring errors in both.

In both tourneys I went out with flush draws after going all in after the flop after making a complete f"$k up of my odds calculations. Both times I had As Xs and the flop came spade spade gving me the nut flush draw.
I thought I was 50/50 and with my belief that I'd rather win a couple of tourneys than limp through the places I ploughed in happy with my chances.
However I have now found out that the chances were 35% (a major oversight having played poker for 3 years) and had I realised this would have waited for a better spot. Just goes to show these maths people are not complete tossers.

Not unhappy with £100 profit for the evening but lesson number 1 is to KNOW THE BASICS.

Everyone needs to commit simple odds to memory. (Pot odds I still can't get my head round but odds of turning a pair into a set, set to FH, open ended straight draws etc must be essential)

I will start to attach tourney lobbies to the blog for any decent results when I have worked out how to do it.

Not a bad nights efforts though.
7th in the £2 MTT @ 8pm got me £20 + shrapnel which paid for the night so far, so, as I was going to be on nights on Tuesday thought I might as well invest in the $5 guaranteed 11pm. ($25 entry)

Managed 7th place in this as well for $200 which wasn't bad but could have been better with the knowledge.

The above may make me sound like a complete novice and I am a novice to an extent but if you are learning you have to be improving.

Text joke of the day:-

Two men at airport. First man says "I can't find my Wife". Second says "I can't find mine either. What does yours look like?" 1st man says "She's 6ft tall, blonde, big tits, long legs, mini skirt, stockings, high heels and a boob tube. What's yours look like?" 2nd man says "F"%k her, we'll look for yours!"

Good luck - Gav


Pud's poker said...

There is a decent book by Matthew Hilger called something like "Texas Hold'em: Odds and probabilities"

You might find it useful and it should be cheap on Amazon now.

Gavin said...

Thanks for that. I will buy that as it should pay for itself in about a week :)

Wildcat said...

Just noticed you've linked me up, cheers for that, have done likewise, gl :)

Gavin said...

Cheers Wildcat gl (providing its not at my expense) ;)
Good tip on Chalfont

Helraiser said...

Linked you up. I assume your player name is Bluenose? well thats the link i have put on my blog.
i have PDF versions of holdem poker for advanced players (sklansky) and no limit theory and practice, again Sklansky if you want them.

Hairy Gymnast said...

Linked you up sir!

And how the hell did you get a picture of me in the pool???