Monday, 22 September 2008


Where to start:-

I am a 40 year old married bloke trying to earn a little extra playing the game that we all love, hate, hate with a vengeance, detest and then love again.

I have been playing Poker for 3 years, mainly MTT's with the occasional STT thrown in when time is short.

You won't find me on the cash tables as I have been bitten a few times and just cannot seem to get to grips with it.

I have made a bigger profit year on year but this is currently £3.7k for 2008 so I'm hardly looking at going full time pro :)

Best wins to date have been winning both the £1.5k added and £1k added Super series within a week of each other in July this year just before going on Holiday which account for 2/3's of my winnings.

I was on fire and the holiday came at precisely the wrong time in some respects but the wins certainly helped and I got free spending money, a laptop, paid a few bills and still have a few bob to play with.

I will try to keep a roll of honour as I have seen others do and best results this month have been to win a couple of £2 MTT for £133 and £137 respectively.

I have a couple of questions below that if you are similar in standard to me you will recognise from a mile off.

I was going to call my blog WTF as that seems to be the what the main questions begin with when I'm playing poker. For example

  1. WTF was he thinking?
  2. WTF was I thinking?
  3. WTF am I doing? etc etc

Other questions that I can never seem to answer are :-

  1. Why, when someone is blatantly shit and seems determined to off their chips at the earliest opportunity and keeps winning all-ins with crap hands, do I then call them with even shitter marginal hands when I should know better? or

  2. Why do my fingers argue with my brain? I know I should fold and end up all in because my fingers are in control of my brain and are hearing different voices? (This may have something to do with alcohol but I'm only guessing.)
  3. Why are the people with the green pen always so chatty and always consider themselves better poker players than everyone else? (I play mainly on Will Hill but for those that don't this refers to the people that have been knocked out of tourneys).
  4. Why is it that Birmingham City can have what Alex McCleish describes as "their best game since he had been in charge" away at Bristol City and then what I would describe as "their shittest, most lack lustre" at home to Blackpool a few days later. No disrespect to all Blackpool fans but we have to beat the likes at home and away if we have any aspirations of playing Hull next season ;)

I will finish off each entry with a text joke that I have recieved. Apologies if any offend anyone but they are funny so sod the political correctness.

Paddy walks past a new pub and sees a sign in the window, "SPECIAL OFFER: Pies 50p, Wanks 10p". He couldn't believe his luck!. He goes in and sees a stunning barmaid and asks her. "Are you the one that gives wanks?" "Yes" she replies. "Well" he says " Wash your fucking hands, I want a pie!" Keep smiling.

I will try to keep this blog updated as often as I can and will appreciate any comments.

Should you have a blog that you would like me to add to the list just let me know your URL.

Cheers and good luck - Gav

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Ukgatsby said...

Hey up mate. Welcome to the world of blog. Linked you up. I never bothered with the google adverts but it costs nowt to put them up there so no harm i guess. Personally for me i already had the Hills and Stars banner up so anything else would have looked cluttered.

gl gl