Friday, 26 June 2009

Who needs mates like Uri Geller .......

Michael Jackson is no more -

This post isn't particularly about that even though he was fantastic in his day and a genius with his music and choreography.

No, this post is about Uri Geller, a fella who professes to have been best mates with Jacko, but who gave the most disrespectful interview that I saw last night while at work.

First of all he says he's speechless but then goes on and on inanely about how Michael didn't have a childhood etc and felt that this had affected him badly. Secondly he says that Michael had had far more operations than is widely known and then and this is the worst of the worst he says Now I probably shouldn't say this but Michael had the operations so that he would not look like his Dad or words to that effect.

FFS the fella had been dead for a couple of hours and you expect glowing references music wise not vicious gossip that affects the whole clan. He only needed to mention the court cases and he would have filled his boat.

So fair play to MJ, who was after all never found guilty by a court of law, just the media but if you have any mates like the fuckwit Geller give them a smack as you may pop your clogs before them so might as well get in first.

Joke -

Man in a bar orders 10 double whiskies which he downs in one.
Barman says "What up mate?"
Bloke says " I just found out my youngest Son is gay!"
The following day he is back in the bar and orders 15 double whiskies which he downs in one.
Barman says "Whats happened now?"
Bloke says "I just found out my oldest Son is gay!"
The next day he's back and orders 20 doubles
The barman says "Fuck me does no-one in your house like pussy?"
Fella says "The Wife does apparently!!!!"

Good luck


havin_a_laff said...

QFT - geller is a leech.

Joppa Road said...

At last a decent post which isnt all about taking cheap shots. My mobile hasnt stopped today with all the twatty silly jokes.

He was never guilty as you said. As for Geller, what a nasty fucking piece of shit that guy is. I listened to him saying he couldnt talk then you turn on Sky and he is on talking shit. Its as if he saw it as a chance to get some publicity for himself - wanker. I think the was half of MJs trouble, did he have any real friends?

2nd-crack said...

the prick was on radio before the death was confirmed.Geller was introduced as a close friend,but talked a lot of rubbish.
He's just trying to build his own profile.

Gavin said...

Thanks for the comments. Always appreciated.Think your right Joppa. Money attracts all sorts. Thank fook we haven't got any. :)

Anonymous said...

The children were his friends Joppa.