Monday, 29 June 2009

End of month - Small profit

Small profit of £70 for June with a couple of days to go but will +/- anything to July.
Thanks to all those who commented on my previous post. No decision will be taken lightly and there is along way to go on both sides to make amends.

On the poker front things are going on the back burner as that is one of the issues (Too much time playing and not enough time communicating and I can'y really have too many arguments with that).

Will be limiting myself to WillHill SuperSeries and a couple of STT's on other nights to cut down a little.

Cracking weather atm so need to be taking full advantage of that and would like to lie in the garden but need to work on it first as sun, rain, sun, rain is feckin brilliant conditions for growing weeds obviously and imo it is either too wet to mow the lawn etc or too sunny to spend time doing it. Oh well better get my arse into gear before I find a Attenborough in there.

Hope all is well with you all . . .

Joke of sorts -

A story with a moral . . .
Blokes girlfriend calls him round to her house one day and he finds her Sister alone in the house. She was unbelievably sexy and wearing nothing but a negligee.
She whispered in his ear "I have feelings for you, please make love to me just once."
He turned to the door and ran out to his car.
He was amazed to see his girlfriend sitting on his bonnet and she ran towards him and flung her arms around him and said "I love you so much and will always trust you after today!!"
Moral - It is always best to keep your condoms in your car and not in your pocket!!.

Good luck

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Ukgatsby said...

gl gl
hope things work out for the best

liking the joke