Saturday, 25 April 2009


Haven’t posted for a couple of weeks mainly due to nothing happening.
Poker is just stagnant at the moment and I am still level for the year and just can’t get things moving forward which is a tad annoying.
The positive to take out of it is that I am not losing but looking back on the last couple of years I have been a couple of £k up by now and in all honesty I could do with the money to pay a couple of bills. Not to worry I’ll keep trying.

I was hoping to post to celebrate Birmingham City’s promotion but it all went awry following numb nuts Bowyer’s sending off and tbh I think we can still beat Reading as the pressure is off away from home but we will have to wait and see.
Got to be said though we have not been playing decent football all season except for the odd game and a lot of fans have been more than a little pissed off with the standard on offer.
If we do go up we might as well order the parachute while the silk industry is in recession.
When we do I might offer Steve Holden a proposition that I pay him a quid for every goal Villa score against us in the local Derby and he can give me a grand for every goal we score against them.
Not sure though as he might consider it an easy tenner.
But as he’s Vile (Villa) through and through you never know lol.

Oh well that’s all for now. Good luck all …..

Joke ..

After complaints, the makers of Cluedo have made a new beginners version. It includes a black male character, so now you only have to work out how and where he did it.

Keep smiling.

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