Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Fook March....

Well that was shit and caned my roll so going to have to build again....
- £180 for the month and with just over £200 left I am going to have to be careful.
Not going to whinge as its been a combo of shyt play and the odd bad one thrown in just to piss me off.

Joke -

A Welsh farmer walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says "This is the pig that I have to fuck when you're not up for sex!" His Wife says "I think you'll find that is a sheep". He says "I think you'll find I was talking to the sheep!"

Good luck


Joppa Road said...

Hi mate. Just read the post about your son. Hope it has all calmed down now.

Is the new Hills site any good? Or is it just similiar to all the others now?

Ukgatsby said...

it will turn around
love the joke though :D

Gavin said...

Cheers both.
TBH Joppa it is just the same as all the others now. Not too keen but that might change if I can start winning :)