Saturday, 28 March 2009

My Son needs to grow up........

Got a text from my 2 older lads Mom yesterday afternoon (rarely good news) advising that there had been a bit of a drama and Callum had been arrested.
Rang up to find that the Police had done a spot check on him and found 11 wraps of weed so had arrested him for possession with intent to supply. I should point out at this point that he is 15. I rang the Police Station and advised that I would act as appropriate adult and they advised that he had requested a Duty Solicitor and that I should be at the station in a couple of hours. Went round to see his Mom and she was in bits as the Police had stomped round and turned his room over to try and find either more drugs or paraphenalia (prob spelt wrong). Anyways there was nothing found but with 2 younger kids and the worry of knowing that this is a bit more than his normal piss taking she was in bits. I don't think kids realise the affects and impacts their behaviour has on others. He does now btw as I made sure that we all sat down and said our piece (his piece was alot shorter than ours naturally).
However the Duty Solicitor was the best decision he's made for a while as he not only advised him the best way to answer the questions to minimise any charges, not put himself in any strife by advising he did not want to divulge where he bought it from and get away from the intent to supply element but also advised him of the sort of sentence he can expect should he continue along this path as he had had numerous clients who had followed this route.
Tbh Callum was shocked and even though he said it had been for his own personal use I don't think any of us believed him but he still denies that it was for anything other than himself and provided the seriousness sinks in then we might as well draw a line under it.
Now some of you might wonder why I'm not banging on about the fact that he smokes the shit but tbh even though his Brother had told me that he had the odd smoke we had had the drink, drugs, smoke chat and you can't follow them everywhere and this situation sort of trumped the smoking issue anyway.
Anyways with the solicitors help the senior police bods decided that it was best all round to give him a reprimand which I hope has done the trick. If it happens again he is a fookin idiot as the solicitor told him and the custody officer agreed that he will be getting stopped and searched alot more in future as they will feel it is fully justified.
On the way home I checked that he did not owe anyone for the said bags of weed and that no-one was putting him under any pressure and did the fatherly chat thing about what sort of people drug dealers are and that they would think nothing of hurting him to make a point to others.

Moody post I know but life ain't just poker which is shit by the way.

Joke -

A man goes to a fancy dress party dressed only in his Y-fronts. A woman comes up to him and says 'What are you supposed to be? The man says "A premature ejaculation ." "What?" says the woman. The man says "I've just come in my pants."


Wildcat said...

Hopefully your lad has a good scare, with a bit of luck being at the police station will have done the trick and he won't do it again!

Hope things are okay with you mate, and thanks again for the offer (you are at the top of the list ;) )

havin_a_laff said...

As crap as this situation must be a good scare will probably sort him out. At least you found out early. As an apparently straight kid I almost went bad but a few brushes with the old bill soon sorted me out. And look at me now... lol

Gavin said...

Cheers for the comments chaps. I think it might have done the trick but time will tell.