Monday, 2 March 2009

And so to March.....

Very slow month in February with about a £50 profit which equates to about 50p an hour. If this carries on I will have to invade the Asian markets and start sewing footballs or boots to supplement my play.

The best enjoyment I am having in the poker atm is playing the Apat online National League where I have been in the Birmingham team. TBH the format and banter is a good craic and it makes me concentrate as I feel that the team might be reliant on me for a few points here and there. The games are only every other Sunday and I managed a 3rd yesterday which got me a few $ and helped the team get to joint top of the league. If anyone out there plays in the Central league I play under the moniker SOTV1875 so say hello.
Other than that I just seem to be plugging away and then donking my chips off when I get bored in MTT's or fooking up STT's even though I know the correct standard format to play.

Anyways a relatively short post.
Hope you are all enjoying yourselves...


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