Sunday, 22 March 2009

First impressions of ipoker.....

Okay so the change-0ver has happened...

I am posting this as the platform has gone down and I can't get on (bit of a pisser as I can see my monicker on the Bluesq site gradually blinding away. Oh well should get the stakes back with a bit of luck and half decent customer service)

Anyways on the plus side there is decent traffic which I need to get used to as playing against 1500+ rather than 200+ has cost me a few quid but as I wasn't winning anyway and was expecting a transitional loss so be it. Do you approach playing larger fields in the same way. I'm a natural TAG until I get bored and then I'm a natural twat.

On the negative I rather liked crypto as you could upload your own pic and sort of personalise stuff and it was an advantage knowing your opponents as you played them day in day out.

These are my first thoughts anyways...


An Irish woman has just been kicked off Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for masterbating. She did'nt quite grasp the fastest finger first. :)

Hope your doing well


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