Sunday, 8 March 2009

Shit happens......

But why so fookin often lol.
Thing is I'm bringing it all on myself by playing p1ssed, tired or both.
Have posted more than once to remind myself not to do it but when the world is blurry its difficult to read let alone play pokerage.

Oh well. Short post as I need another beer.....

Joke -

Two gay men were in a dark alley when a policeman shone his torch into it. One of them ran off but the policeman grabbed the other. "You dirty bastard. If I'd of caught your mate I would have shoved my truncheon right up his arse". A voice from the alley called out "Yoohoo I'm behind the wheelie bin".


Steve H. said...

just stumbled on your blog via dom's blog.... any chance of a link up? good luck

Redcar said...

Nice Blog, I've linked up
How do you get the update times/dates on other blogs

Gavin said...

Cheers both.
Redcar - Hi mate. Cheers for the link up.
In answer to your question re updates, times etc on blogs. It is in the options panel when you add another blog to your list.
Cheers and gl