Thursday, 21 May 2009

Holiday and a rest here we come.....

The time has come for a nice relaxing fortnights holiday starting Sunday. First of the years 2 trips to Turkey and I can't wait.

The first year of my Foundation Degree has finished and I’m glad to say I have enjoyed it and am quite looking forward to the 2nd year. (Looking forward to the 4 month break more though).
Poker seems to be a bit up and down but have posted a £130 profit for May so am £130 up for the year as I’ve been level so far which at least keeps the bankroll alive.

With poker it seems as though just as I think I’ve cracked something I realise I might not have. I think I need to be more aggressive on the 10 player STT’s when there are 5/6 left but keep getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar so I might read up on these when I’m away.
Have played a couple of the Super Series on WillHill and got a FT in the smallest of them but with the new ipoker skin all the other MTT’s seem to go on for hours which is no good when you still have a day job.

Finally I got called into a meeting last week to be told that the firm need an experienced Team Leader doing permanent day shifts as we had won more work and the business did not want to commit to new headcount in the current climate. Suffice to say that they had re-jigged my Out Of Hours shift which sees 2 Shift Leaders do permanent nights and report into me so that I am not needed on nights anymore. Sounds fooking marvellous apart from the fact that from 1st September I will no longer receive shift allowance so bang goes 25%. Wounded? Yes just slightly but I could see it coming so no major shock and to be fair they only had to give us 1 months shift allowance in leiu and they have given 3 months so not all bad.

Still very positive all in all as there are plenty being made redundant at the moment and it gives me more time with the family and to settle into a better sleep pattern which might help with the concentration when I fire up the lappy.

Think I’ve wittered on enough and I need to pack my speedos.

Joke –

What do clouds and women have in common?
Once they’ve fooked off it’s usually a nice day.

Good luck



Yorkshire Pud said...

I'll try and find a post I once read that is the learning process of a poker player. It shows how you are permanently learning and that learning something new actually hinders you and lowers your win rate etc until you have mastered the new skill completely.

Or something like that! I'll get searching

Gavin said...

Cheers mate would appreciate it.

Helraiser said...

I moved onto days two and a half years ago after working eleven on shifts but fortunatly i didnt have to drop any salary, which was the reason i agreed to the move after a departmental restructure. Bit of a shitter for you though losing the allowence. Days is much better for a "normal" life style but like you say its no good playing into the early hours in a Ipoker MTT then having to go to work a few hours later. I have started to play these more on a Friday or Saturday night rather than through the week. i limit myself to two hours, three to four tabling cash through the week.

Gavin said...

Cheers Helraiser.
I will have to play different variations but have normally been MTT (not bad) or STT (indifferent) so we will have to see. Good luck mate.