Saturday, 9 May 2009

A positive post......

First of all the mighty Birmingham City are back where they belong (for a season at least). A good result and performance against Reading and we were up. Be interesting to see what we do in the close season and who we get in to help with the survival bid but I'd rather be playing Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and of course Villa than Barnsley, Forest etc.

On the poker front things are looking up as well. (My Will Hill name is fuktheriva)
I have found a $5 STT tourney that I can beat at the moment. Its called a double stack and all I seem to have to do is sit there, wait for big hands and then bet whatever I feel like (always seems to be at least one caller). I just have to remember not to play marginal hands.
There is no skill involved til you are near the bubble which suits me just fine at the moment.
I have attached my Sharkscope graph as it stands (+$100) and the negative element was when I was getting used to the game and trying to work out a system that would win. I've currently got a 23% av. ROI which is pretty decent.

My question that I would like an answer on is how many BI do I need to up the stakes to the $10
games? Am happy enough with the $5 ones but want to maximise without putting my bankroll at risk as this in itself affects my play.

Finally I had a little £4 5 timer on the footie with draws in the Preston, Scunthorpe, Fulham, Hull and Millwall games this weekend which pays out a whopping £1161.85 and with the first 2 drawing last night there are todays 3 games to go so wish me luck.

Nice to write a positive post and if I can sort out the bankroll question I can see positive results ahead if I don't need to worry about playing at the correct levels.

Joke -
Man in bedroom shouts through to his girlfriend... " come into the bedroom and see my clock".
She enters the room and he is lying on the bed with a massive erection.
She says "Thats not a clock". Bloke replies "It will be when you put 2 hands and a face on it!"

Good luck all...


Wildcat said...

Ideally 50 would be good for moving up stakes, however depending on standard 20 may well be enough.

Gavin said...

Cheers for that mate.

parttimebonuschaser said...

50 is probably not a bad start. I like conservative myself.

Then drop back if you fall back to 40 buy ins

Ukgatsby said...

wd on the Promotion
good to have you back

Yorkshire Pud said...

Yeah 50 is a good number though I like 100 to be safe, especially as I mass multitable so my ROI is lower

Gavin said...

Thanks all.
Think I'll use the 50 as the change up and change down if I drop to 40.
And cheers Gats. U should be okay now too mate