Saturday, 8 May 2010

Deals and Diddling . . .

When I heard the result was a hung parliament I thought there may have been a rush on timber and rope at B&Q but apparently it just means that they have to do a deal with the people they've been slagging off to decide who gets power.
I preferred my first thought to be honest especially with the expenses fiddling fuckers and cocks who can't check their mikes are turned off. Imagine the dopey fucker making the same mistake at the G8.

Pokers a bit up and down at the moment. I don't think I'm rolled for the $26 90 man KO's yet so will have to stick to the $13 ones. Played $100 split between them last night before giving up as I couldn't win a hand even when miles in front so thought I'd better just call it a night.
Still up for the month but looking forward to my hols in a fortnight as it forces me not to play which I'm shit at doing on my own.
Good luck all . . .

Joke -

A couple are driving home and run over a badger. They get out of the car and find that it's still breathing but freezing cold.
Husband says "Put it between your legs and warm it up".
His Wife replies "But it's all wet and it stinks".
Hubby replies "Well hold the badgers fucking nose then!!"

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the don said...

another amusing/entertaining thread. although that joke's pretty gross- i cant handle that stuff.