Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gotta FT . . .

Go out . . . . .get drunk . . . play a few . . . .win a 90 manner $26 for nearly $600 FT KO tyvm . . . .SOTV alive weeeeeeeeeeeee

Still can't get out the doghouse tho!!

Got a Granddaughter due 11/07/1o and Grandson due 07/09/10 and $$ can't hurt lol so congrats to my lads.
I might be a moaning fukka but I'm enjoying the way it's working out as its maturing them. (But not moi!!)
Love my lads loads and can't wait. . . .

And this is pure class. A lesson to us all . . . ~You may have seen it , , , ,

Our Clare

Joke . .. .

2 fish in a tank, 1st says to the second
"Any idea how to drive this fuckin thing!!"

Good luck


Littleacornman said...

Wheeeee! Nice one Sir!You can afford to upgrade your doghouse now :-)

John said...

Very nice, gg! I think I will be joining you on them when my full tilt self exclusion ends.

Gavin said...

I might need to get some electric in there to feed the laptop and a beer fridge :)