Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Donating some back . . . .

Have given approx $150 back since a winning Saturday but tonight I have seen some proper shit. I'm obviously not drunk enough in the week as at weekends I must play with a little more recklessness and aggression.
Was playing in a 135 man $11 Rush tourney and was double the average and got dealt AA and raised to 700 (blinds 100/200). Folds to big stack who calls and the blinds fold. Flop Kxx. I bet 700 and he raises all in. He has K8 and turn K river 8. Fuck off but I suppose we have good and bad and that was only one of a few hands that have got on my tits over the past few days.
Okay I'll piss off now I've had my rant.
FT Bankroll @ $1.6K so a few 100 up for the month so not all bad but I want moooore!!

Joke -

A Pakistani has died while training to be a sky diver. Sources at the National English Skydivers Association School have stated that they have no idea how his snorkel and flippers failed to open!!

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