Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Back of hols . . . . .

And donating $$ left, right and centre.
Great fortnight away but I have played prob 10 x $13 90 manners and even though I bubbled one tonight I have been playing shyt and making shtoopid decisions.
Could really do with sorting it out as the funds would be really appreciated but think I need to put that to the back of my mind in order to play properly.

Obv looking forward to the World Cup from Friday and providing Heskey trains on his own we might be okay. Have took advice from Wildcat and backed Chile a while back and the fuckers have gone out in price since the initial tip (certainly not moaning about the tip just my luck with the price) and will also be betting on Spain with a patriotic few quid on England (with a saver that we go out on penalties).

Other than that I have f all to say . . .

Good luck - Gav


Karma Sutra position number 52 - "The Pirate"
When going at it doggy style, just as you are about to cum, pull out and spit on her back so she thinks you've finished.
When she turns round unleash a blast right in her face to stun and amaze her!
Known as the pirate because she'll put her hand over her eye and say "Aarrghhh!!!"


Wildcat said...

Hope you had a good holiday :)

If the price has gone out, it's simple - PUT SOME MORE ON :D

Top goalscorer tips:

David Silva (Spain)

Angel Di Maria (Argentina)

Both should get a decent chance, and you can still get 500+ for each on the exchanges!

Gavin said...

Okey doke. I'll have them @ 520 on Betfair. Only 100's on Hills

Cheers mate