Thursday, 17 June 2010

Still running good and a free bet . . . . .

Poker's still going well (approx $550 up for June) playing mainly 90 manners on FT and doing Steps when time is short to move up to the $26 ones as I don't think I'm rolled to play them with $2k. Let me know if you think different. I'm confident I'll never busto playing the $13 ones which makes life easier.

Free bet on where if you are a new customer and bet up to £20 they refund your first stake if it loses and you can withdraw it straight away rather than have to gamble it 50k times before its eligible.
It's limited to 1000 a day but as far as I can see you can have a flutter on who will win the World Cup and if you lose put the money back in your bank.
I think I'll back the Dutch with mine as I've already had a few quid on Chile.

Hope you're all winning


Joke -

Give £2 to a hungry African and all they do is buy a fucking trumpet!!!


Wildcat said...

Gav, made it through, let me know if you want a %, starts at 11pm tonight (hour and a half), no worries if not..

Gavin said...

Sorry mate. Only read your email this morning. Thanks for the offer tho